2024 Holiday Gift Guide: Shop Over 70 DTC Brands

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Not all of these brands are affiliated with ShipBob, but they are all at the top of our wishlists for trending DTC brands that our team is giving as gifts this year. The inclusion of brands in the gift guide should not be construed as an endorsement or recommendation of ShipBob.

With more people shopping online than ever before, the holiday shopping season is already starting — which means you won’t have to wait until Black Friday and Cyber Monday to snag some amazing deals. If you’re the type to procrastinate on the gift shopping, no need to panic! We put together a list of unique gift ideas to help you start shopping sooner than later. 

At ShipBob, we’re passionate about supporting independent ecommerce businesses. Whether you’re looking for a fun stocking stuffer or a show-stopping holiday gift, here are dozens of gift ideas sold by direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands recommended by our team.

For the fitness fanatic in your life

Get an early start on your New Year’s resolutions with these picks from top DTC exercise and fitness equipment brands.

TB12 Sports – Home Gym Kit ($490)

Designed for athletes and founded by football icon Tom Brady, the TB12 Method is Tom Brady’s holistic approach to wellness and athletic performance. Whether you’re shopping for a Brady fan or a fitness fanatic, TB12’s gear, apparel, and supplements offer something for athletes of every level.

We recommend the TB12 Home Gym Kit, curated by a team of body coaches and provides everything you need to have a great full-body workout from home.

FLEO – signature shorts ($46 – $48)

Fleo Shorts creates strength training apparel for CrossFitters, weightlifters, powerlifters, runners, and other fierce women. Designed in-house and manufactured in the US, their shorts come in nearly every print imaginable and make a great gift for the athletes in your life.

Jetson – Fit Gut Health Bundle ($72/mo)

Fitness is about more than just your muscles. This bundle includes a 30-day supply of prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes to promote a healthy digestive environment and improved overall gut health.

BuffBunny – Sports Bras ($44 – $52)

The woman-owned brand BuffBunny offers clothes that combine beauty and function. Each of the brand’s best-selling sports bra styles have matching leggings that you can wear on the treadmill or out with friends, available sizes from 2XS to 3XL.

AnimalHouse Fitness – MonkeyFeet ($79.95)

With this device from AnimalHouse Fitness, you can add upper body weight-lifting exercises to your leg day routine. Engineered for comfort and quality, MonkeyFeet enables you to lift up to 160 pounds of dumbbell weight with your feet, and is usable anywhere.

Bruce Bolt – GOLD Series Short Cuff Batting Gloves ($115)

If you know a baseball player looking to up their game, BRUCE BOLT’s batting gloves are a hit. These innovative gloves are designed to better fit players’ hands, while providing extra support to the wrist and eliminating the need to manually wrap them.  

Storelli Sports – ExoShield Head Guard ($59.99)

What do you get when you cross a soccer player, a biophysics PhD, and a sports product engineer? Some of the best protection and performance gear on the market. Storelli Sports delivers winning gloves, head guards, sliding shorts, recovery gear, and more, so soccer players can enjoy their game to the fullest.  

Sharkbanz – Shark deterrent wearable band ($128)

Any beachgoer, swimmer, surfer, or ocean aficionado in your life will appreciate an extra means of protection when they’re out in the water. Sharkbanz bracelets use patented magnetic technology developed by marine biologists to harmlessly deter predatory shark species, and can be worn unobtrusively around the wrist or ankle to achieve peace of mind in open water.

Spikeball – Standard kit ($69)

This famous game is fun for the whole family! Whether you play casually in the backyard or start a family-wide tournament, Spikeball is easy to learn and easy to set up. It can travel with you, and provide you and your friends with exercise — and an excuse to get out of the house. 

Pit Viper – The Absolute Freedom Polarized ($99.69)

Consumers from all over the globe have adopted Pit Vipers as part of their everyday attire for activities ranging from skateboarding to surfing to just hanging out. These specialty sunglasses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection and have a light transmission of just 21%. Free shipping over $69.  

To support healthy living, all season long

The holidays are a feel-good time for many — but why not feel your best all year? These supplements and solutions are a great gift for anyone looking to boost their wellness in 2024.

Bloom Nutrition – Bloom Greens & Superfoods™ ($39.99)

Bloom Nutrition is a health brand that believes that health starts on the inside, and offers a wide range of different supplements, from protein powders to multi-vitamins. This particular Greens & Superfoods Blend is packed with over 30 ingredients (such as fruits, vegetables, probiotics, and antioxidants) to minimise bloat and maximise gut health.  

Oxford Healthspan – Primeadine Spermidine Supplement ($90)

Oxford Healthspan is a nutraceutical company based in Oxford, England. Their signature product Primeadine has as its main active ingredient spermidine: a molecule that inhibits 9 of the 12 Hallmarks of Aging and is one of Japan’s best kept longevity secrets. This 30-day supply not only promotes slower aging, but may also improve sleep, boost energy levels, and encourage healthier digestion.

Semaine Health – PMS & Period Support ($31.99)

If you or someone in your life is struggling with menstrual symptoms, look no further than these supplements from Semaine Health. Devoted to taking women’s health seriously, this brand’s flagship product is specially designed to alleviate menstrual symptoms such as mood swings, bloating, and cramps. Their full catalogue of plant-based, clinically-developed products provide solutions to other issues as well, including hormonal imbalances, UTIs, and menopause symptoms. 

Peak & Valley – Wellness Collection ($113.97)

Peak and Valley combines scientific research and holistic medicine to create herbal supplements that support your health journey. Made with the highest-quality, transparently-sourced herbs and mushrooms, Peak and Valley supplements are designed to help balance your body’s hormonal and physiological functions, including brain activity, stress responses, and sleep. 

Life Cykel – The Biohacker Set™ ($174.75)

This liquid supplement pack from LifeCykel includes five unique mushroom extracts infused with Kakadu Plum for peak performance and wellness, so you can optimise your life and reach your full potential. Add a milliliter or two of one extract to your regular coffee, tea, or smoothie, or combine multiple in a daytime or nighttime routine.  

Infuze – Infuze bottle ($44.99)

The Infuze bottle lets you go from plain water to flavored water with the turn of a dial, and prevents backwash so that every sip is fresh. Infuze offers its own line of flavored Elixirs that you can use in your bottle, or you can simply use your own favorite flavoring to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

All natural, eco-friendly, and organic gifts

Ecommerce has opened the doors to so many eco-friendly, natural, and organic brands. Here are some of our favorite products that help protect the environment and keep us healthy.

Boie USA – the best bundle ($25)

boie - economical toothbrush - holiday gift guide

This isn’t your typical toothbrush. Instead of the same old flimsy abrasive nylon bristles, Boie USA has designed an economical toothbrush made with super soft, BPA free thermoplastic, available in a variety of colours. It provides a gentler brush and lasts longer than nylon-made toothbrushes. Once it’s time to replace, you’ll only have to purchase a replacement head for $5. Free shipping for US orders over $35.

Food Huggers – 5-piece set ($16.99)

Ever use only half a fruit or vegetable, stick the other half in the fridge, only to have it go bad before you can use it? Food Huggers is on a mission to reduce this waste (and guilt) through its silicone huggers. These durable tools replace single-use plastic at home, and give you a convenient way to preserve your fruits, veggies, and open jars longer, so you or your loved one can run a more eco-conscious kitchen. 

Ablein – Hyaluronic Hydrating Toner ($24.15)

Take care of your skin and the environment at the same time with Ablein’s Hydraulic Hydrating Toner. This product comes in a reusable bottle, so all you have to do is add water to Ablein’s toner concentrate and you’re ready to moisturize, smooth, balance, and clean your skin.  

Papershoot Camera – Old Classic Black ($139) 

For photographers looking to ditch disposables, Papershoot Cameras provide a fantastic digital alternative. Designed to emulate analog point-and-shoot cameras, this classic is made entirely of repurposed, recycled, and biodegradable materials, and still delivers high-quality, beautifully toned images that mimic film.

Silky mat – Premium Non-Stick Baking Mat ($22.99) 

Popular personal care essentials

Looking for the perfect personal care gift? The following wellness brands are making a splash in the ecommerce industry with unique products you can’t find anywhere else.

It’s a 10 hair products ($13 – $57.99)

its a 10 holiday gift

It’s a 10 haircare is one of the best hair product brands on the market. Known for their popular leave-in treatment, it’s a 10 brings salon-level quality treatment, which supports healthy hair in between hair appointments. They also offer an array of men’s products.

Dossier – affordable, luxury scents ($29+)

dossier - holiday stocking stuffers

Dossier is a great alternative to the more pricey perfumes on the market. They offer a variety of luxury scents at a fair price. But don’t let the low price fool you; these scents are sourced from the highest quality ingredients from Europe.

Hero – Mighty Patch ($12.99)

Nothing dampens holiday joy like a breakout — so why not give yourself or your loved ones a way to fight them? Hero’s award-winning hydrocolloid patch works on all skin types to flatten and soothe pimples overnight, so you can wake up to clearer skin and get back into the holiday spirit.

FlutterHabit – The Original Lashes ($29.99)

An extra boost of self-confidence goes a long way — especially when you’re visiting friends and family over the holidays. Cosmetics brand FlutterHabit offers an affordable alternative to traditional eyelash extensions that can help you feel a little more glamorous this season without breaking the bank. FlutterHabit’s underlash sets come in several styles and thicknesses, and are designed to be cut into clusters and customised to each unique eye shape — and unlike single-use striplashes, these lashes last a whole work week.

Earthley – All-Purpose Salve Stick ($5.49 – $14.99)

While all Earthley’s products are 100% clean and designed to support health naturally, their All-Purpose Salve Stick is a great place to start if you’re just starting to explore natural wellness solutions. This product is suited for minor scrapes, cuts, rashes, burns, and more, and works for all ages.  

Truly Beauty – Ultimate Smooth Legend Shave Set ($154.70)

Treat yourself or your loved ones to a great shave with this kit from beauty giant TrulyBeauty. It includes luxury shaving products like Smooth Legend Pre-Shave Scrub, Happy Hairless Shave Butter, and Glazed Donut Oil — all in an adorable fuzzy case — for a truly luxurious shaving experience.  

Voloom – Triple Play Dryer Brush ($89)

For a salon quality blowout at home, this dryer brush from Voloom is your best friend. This multipurpose tool dries, smoothes, and styles hair all at once to minimise styling time — plus the brush’s design is specially crafted to be good to your hair, using a ceramic barrel, mixed bristles, and multiple heat settings.

Beachwaver – BEACHWAVER® S.75 Dual Voltage White Rotating Curling Iron ($149)

The viral sensation that is Beachwaver’s curling iron is a must for any hair or beauty enthusiast this season. Its automatic rotating barrel makes the curling process easier, safer, and faster – and with different models featuring multiple barrel sizes and adjustable heat settings, Beachwaver is a great option for lots of different hair types.  

Clearstem Skincare – CLEARSTEM Power Duo ($127)

A skincare routine can get overwhelming – so why not keep it simple? This Power Duo pack from Clearstem Skincare includes one anti-acne exfoliation serum that fights inflammation and brightens skin, and a second that hydrates your skin and helps repair damage. Both feature natural ingredients such as turmeric and Reishi mushrooms, and together deliver a more straightforward and effective skincare regimen.  

Makeup Eraser – Original Pink ($20)

Never fall asleep with your makeup on again with the help of the reusable Makeup Eraser. Just add warm water to the short-fibered side of the cloth (the more, the better!) and rub in circular motions to quickly and gently take off all kinds of makeup and sunscreen. Plus, you can switch to the long-fibered side for exfoliation that will leave your skin feeling fresh.

Bare Hands – The Dry Gloss Manicure Kit ($42)

Colder weather can be hard on fingers, so it may be worth it to splurge on the Dry Gloss Manicure Kit this holiday season. The bundle contains a special polishing glass that gently binds keratin cells to minimise chipping, and cuticle oil designed to hydrate nails for a natural shine. Packed neatly in a vegan leather case, this kit makes even the smallest act of self-care feel luxurious. 

Fashion finds for both men and women

Looking for the perfect gift for the most fashion-forward person in your life? Whether it’s your best friend, a significant other, or a family member, the following gifts are some of the most unique fashion finds that are sure to make an impression.

Ombraz – armless sunglasses classic collection ($160)

ombraz - international shipping

Ombraz Armless Sunglasses is taking the anxiety out of owning a quality pair of sunglasses by making them both comfortable and unbreakable. Its patent-pending, armless design comes with frames that are attached directly to an adjustable, elegant cord that secures the glasses comfortably to your face. For every pair of Ombraz purchased, 20 mangrove trees are planted in impoverished areas in Madagascar. Ombraz offers free shipping and returns.

Brummell – men’s socks ($10)

These aren’t your stereotypical gift socks. Founded by Steve Staffan, Brummell offers a quarterly sock subscription service for men who value their time and convenience, understand that loud socks don’t always add personality, and love the feeling of new socks. Best of all? They’re not crazy expensive like other classy-yet-practical socks.

Rainbow Optx – sunglasses ($29-$36)


Rainbow Optx’s range of colorful sunglasses feature colored lenses to boost moods and brighten perspectives. Every colour is associated with a mantra, chakra, element, and focus, making these glasses a truly personal gift. They offer free shipping for US orders.

TieMaster – tie rack and organizer ($59.95)

Whether you or a loved one wears ties, scarves, or both, the TieMaster makes storing them convenient. It’s easily wall-mounted, extendable and retractable to save space, and lets you store 60 ties. That way, you can have your favorite neck accessories out and organised while saving hanging rod space for other clothes. 

Snag Tights – 80 Denier Tights (£8.49)

Good tights are a winter wardrobe staple, and Snag provides the soft and breathable pair that will last your all season. Snag Tights are durable, quick drying, and offer dozens of styles that come in UK sizes 4 to 36. They even have reinforced foot and toe sections to make sure they last – and if for some reason they don’t, every pair is fully recyclable.   

Best holiday gifts for kids

The emergence of niche products are one of the most exciting parts of ecommerce, and products geared towards a younger crowd are no exception. Here are some great gift ideas for your nieces, nephews, kids, and the other children in your life.

Tonies – Toniebox Playtime Starter Set ($99)

Tonieboxes take children on audio adventures, away from the screen and into their imaginations. Every Tonie figurine placed on top of the Tonie box opens up a new set of stories for little ones to listen to that will keep them occupied on long car rides, work-from-home afternoons, or a night in. The Tonie library includes familiar characters from children’s favorite shows, books, and movies — and with hours of content, it’s a gift for parents as much as their kids.

IZIMINI – Portable Baby Chair ($59)

Wherever you travel for the holidays, it’s harder when you’re holding a baby. IZIMINI’s baby chair will keep a baby safe while it’s out of your arms – and because it’s lightweight and easy to clean, it’s great for parents and kids on-the-go or in the great outdoors. Its design also features stylish prints made by emerging Aussie artists.

GloPals – Alex Glo Pal ($16)

GloPal characters are designed to engage children in sensory exercises and bring a little more fun to bath time. Each of GloPals’ 5 colour characters light up when they enter the water, and last a minimum of 16 hours.

Baby Doppler – The Official BabyDoppler® Sonoline B Fetal Doppler ($69.95)

Know someone who’s expecting? This pocket-sized fetal doppler lets parents hear their baby’s heartbeat anywhere and anytime, so they can track changes, make memories, and elevate their pregnancy journey from the comfort of home. You can even record the heartbeat and share it with friends and family using the Baby Doppler App.

Pick up Bricks – Pick-Up Bricks® Vacuum ($99)

Say goodbye to stepping on sharp toy bricks in the middle of the night. This mini vacuum is specifically designed to make it easier for kids to clean up and collect their small toys, so you don’t have to. Plus, it actually separates dirt and dust from the toys, leaving them cleaner than you found them on the floor. 

Gifts that offer comfort and warmth 

Whether you’re looking to send a gift of comfort or to help someone stay warm during the cold season, the following gifts are sure to make this holiday full of warmth. They’re also great for the homebody in your life. 

butter & me – Butter Melt Lotion Bar ($20)

With the Butter Melt, every shower can feel a little more luxurious. Meant to replace your regular lotion bottle, this bar combines Kokum butter, sunflower seed oil, avocado oil, and candelilla wax to help you fight dry skin, and relax with light scents of lavender and juniper berry. 

ForeverWick – Lavender Diamond candle ($104)

If you’re looking for something a little more extravagant this season, look no further than ForeverWick. This candle pampers you twice — first, with the lovely scent of fruits, jasmine, and amber to calm you for 70 hours of burn time; and second, with the discovery of a genuine cut and polished diamond in every candle. 

Sleepy Bear Gummies – ​​Nighttime Gummy ($59.99)

For those struggling to fall asleep, winter’s long nights can be a challenge. To help you or your loved ones fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, Sleepy Bear’s Nighttime Gummies are infused with nano-emulsified CBD, CBN, and Melatonin designed to regulate your natural sleep cycle. 

Foozie – The Foozie Slipper Sock ($39)

Once it gets cold outside, treat yourself or your loved ones to a night curled up by a roaring fire wearing Foozies. Lined with sherpa fleece inside, these foot socks will keep your feet toasty warm, even on the coldest floors. Their tall-sock design traps in heat for maximum coziness, and they’re machine-washable. 

Hotel Collection – Classic Cabana Candle ($49.95)

Your home may not be a 5-star hotel – but with Hotel Collection’s candles, it can smell like one. Perfect for staycations, their scents bring the ambiance and decadence of luxury hospitality to you. This candle evokes an ocean cabana through notes of lemon, bergamot, jasmine, marine, and amber, and is inspired by the Ritz Carlton.

To eat, drink, and be merry

No matter what you celebrate, the holidays are chock full of some of the year’s best food and drinks. Here are some great finds for chefs, flavour connoisseurs, or casual consumers alike.

I love Chamoy – Original Flavor ($12)

I Love Chamoy is a sweet, tangy, and spicy sensation that’s swept TikTok and Instagram – and for good reason! The sauce features the classic Chamoy flavour without the sugar, and pairs excellently with your fresh fruits, vegetables, or even other snacks.  

Grill Shark – The Grill Shark ($49.99)

Grillers rejoice – there’s a new tool in the BBQ pit. The Grill Shark’s design combines 7 different functions to elevate your grilling game, doing the work of a coal rake, spatula, grate lifter, bottle opener, meat tenderizer, grill cleaner, and serrated and cutting edges. It’s crafted from a single piece of high-quality stainless steel for durability, and even comes with a lifetime warranty.  

Zbiotics – Pre-Alcohol Probiotic 3 Pack ($36)

Whether it’s mulled wine, wassail, hot buttered rum, or spiked eggnog, ZBiotics will help you and your loved ones indulge responsibly this season. The probiotic breaks down the unwanted alcohol byproduct acetaldehyde – the primary culprit behind rough mornings after drinking — so that the drinker feels refreshed and ready to take on the day (with a good night’s sleep and water, of course). 

Cornet Barcelona – ‘Sagrada’ Stemless Balloon Wine Glasses Set of 12 ($288)

The holidays are a time for entertaining friends, family, and loved ones of all kinds – and Cornet Barcelona’ Sagrada wine glass collection will help you do it in style. Featuring handcrafted designs, weighted bottoms and stunning colours, this drinkware line gives wine the room it needs to breathe and develop intense and flavorful aromas.  

Coravin Wine Preservation System – Pivot™ ($119) 

The Coravin® Pivot™ Wine Preservation System is designed to extend the life of everyday wines. The Pivot Stopper and Device preserves a bottle for up to 4 weeks, so you can pair wines with the meals and meal courses to which they are more suited, rather than building your menu off of one wine that you have to finish (or otherwise waste). 

FrostBuddy – Universal Buddy ($39.99)

Keeping your drink at the right temperature shouldn’t involve a dozen coolers or sleeves of different sizes. FrostBuddy created a universal cooler which fits just about every 12 and 16oz can and bottle, plus slim cans, and will keep your drinks cold for 12 hours and hot for 6. It also comes in a variety of colours and designs, so you can customise it to your taste.  

Memo Bottle – Size A5 ($39)

Hydration on-the-go can be a challenge when you’re constantly holding your water bottle. That’s why memobottle designed a flat water bottle that could easily slip inside your bag to save space and make it more convenient to quench your thirst. Its sleek and sophisticated design is effortlessly chic, and every bottle is reusable to help minimise waste.  

Prymal – Sugar free coffee creamer ($24)

Love coffee, but looking to cut back on dairy? Prymal’s coffee creamer is sugar-free and non-dairy, made with ingredients like monk fruit, stevia, and erythritol. With holiday flavours like peppermint mocha and cookie dough, Prymal’s creamer is the guilt-free substitute for coffee creamer to indulge in this season.

Death Wish Coffee – Death Wish Dark Roast ($19.99)

For the caffeine expert in your life, Death Wish Coffee is a delicious challenge. Ground or whole bean, the World’s Strongest Coffee delivers a bold flavour that’s smooth and flavorful. The brand uses high-quality, Fair Trade beans to create a variety of roasts guaranteed to wake you up in the morning — and keep you awake for who-knows-how-long. 

Jukes Cordials – Jukes 6 – The Dark Red ($45)

If you or a loved one don’t drink, but still want to toast the season, Jukes Cordials’ non-alcoholic aperitifs are a delightful alternative. Jukes produce each of their drinks from vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, and flowers to deliver full-bodied and delicious tastes in red, white, and rosé flavours. All you have to do is mix with water to enjoy!

Stocking stuffers to get now (before they sell out)

If you’re out of ideas for mini delights to put in your loved ones’ stockings this year, look no further than these small but mighty-popular products.

Touchland – hand sanitizing power mists ($10)

It’s important to stay healthy, especially during holiday travel season. With Touchand’s sleek Power Mists, you can sanitize your hands without drying out or stinging your hands. Their mists come in several delicate and refreshing scents, and fit in your pocket for easy access anywhere. Get one on its own, or buy a bundle of 5 or 10 at a discount to spread the joy (instead of the germs).

Chamberlin Coffee – Cold Brew Starter Kit ($49)

Created by Youtuber Emma Chamberlin, Chamberlin Coffee carries 8 unique, sustainably sourced and packaged blends. Each brew (playfully named after animals such as Early Bird, Social Dog, and Night Owl) comes in single serve pouches, full bags, and in bundles with drinkware and other accessories. The Cold Brew Starter pack includes a mason jar, straw, and 10 packs of a coffee flavour of choice.

Bagnet – Black Bagnet ($29.99)

The Bagnet may be small enough to fit in a stocking, but it’s got big practical applications. Anyone carrying a bag will appreciate the Bagnet’s ability to attach to any metal surface — including bathroom stalls, desks, and chairs — and hold up to 8 pounds. The magnet won’t hurt your credit cards or devices, and comes in a variety of colours and shapes to fit anyone’s aesthetic.

Nana Hats – Monkey Nana hat ($9.99)

The Nana Hat is a silicone cap that attaches to the stem of a banana bunch, along with interchangeable magnetically affixed hats. From monkey heads to pirate hats, unicorns to viking helmets, you can make sure your bananas stay fresher for 50-150% longer, and do it with a sense of humour.

Calm Strips — INHALE Pack of 5 ($11.99)

Calm Strips are a thoughtful addition to any stocking, but especially for those who find the holidays hectic or stressful. These reusable and residue-free textured sensory stickers are designed to help regulate restless energy and promote mindfulness. While this particular strip is based on the popular box breathing technique, the brand’s full product catalogue includes a variety of designs highlighting calming scenes and inspirational phrases.  

Games, crafts, and hobbies

Tired of your loved ones being glued to screens? Try introducing them to a new game, crafting together, or returning to an old hobby with them. Below, you’ll find a few gifts to get your friends and family off their devices and into something creative.

SuperSpeed Golf – training club set ($229.99)

SuperSpeed Golf’s training system and equipment is a great addition to any golfer’s repertoire. The men’s set of training weights, when coupled with their free online video instruction series, can add up to 30 yards to a drive and increase the speed and power of a person’s swing by 5-8% in about 4-6 weeks.

A Year of Dates – Date Night Cards ($41)

This is the gift for your partner, friend, or loved one that keeps on giving, even when the holidays are over. Inside every box are 52 sealed envelopes, each of which contains a surprise date or activity idea. With over 20 unique and customisable editions for couples, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, friendships, and self-care, A Year of Dates helps you set aside quality time for your loved ones and find new ways to enjoy life together. 

PortoProjector – HDMI portable mini movie projector ($134.99)

With the PortoProjector, movie nights don’t have to involve 8 people all huddled around a laptop or television. This mini movie projector turns any wall into a movie screen — and because it’s small enough to take anywhere and connects with phones, streaming services, and video game consoles through HDMI or USB cables, you can watch your favorite flicks on the big screen wherever you go.

Spikeball – Standard kit ($69)

This famous game is fun for the whole family! Whether you play casually in the backyard or start a family-wide tournament, Spikeball is easy to learn and easy to set up. It can travel with you, and provide you and your friends with exercise — and an excuse to get out of the house. 

Gravity Disc – 3 Pack ($40)

The Gravity Disc is only about as big as your palm — but in the right hands makes for big fun. Crafted with lightweight silicone, this disc is great for precision throws and catches, as well as target practice, trick shots, and more.

Keymaster Games – Caper: Europe ($48)

In this board game for two, you and a loved one play thieving masterminds trying to outmaneuver each other across the great cities of Europe. Pick a city, build your team, and execute your heist to earn more points than your competitor!

chord_files – Songwriter’s Pack [Guitar] ($42.27)

chord_files is a thoughtful gift for any composer, musician, or songwriter in your life. These innovative musical tools show the names of chords on the front of the card, and diagrams with corresponding scale tones on the back, making it easier to discover chord progressions, harmonies, and melodies – even if you’re not trained in music theory.   

The Woobles – Penguin Crochet Kit ($30)

Even if you’ve never crocheted before, you can create adorable amigurumi crafts using the Woobles’ beginner kits. Each kit contains everything a novice needs to complete a whole project, including the yarn, a hook, eyes, stuffing, a stitch marker, and step-by-step video tutorials. In no time, you or a loved one will have not only a new skill, but a new stuffed friend! 

Work-from-home favorites

Remote work is still on the rise, so a WFH accessory makes for a thoughtful and practical gift. Here are a few ideas for those loved ones who work on the go, from home, or anywhere but the office.

Grovemade – Wood Laptop Riser ($180)

Grovemade’s accessories are crafted for both style and durability with high-quality materials to elevate your workspace. The laptop riser is designed for ergonomics, and is small enough to fit comfortably on almost any desk. Integrated cord management helps keep things tidy on the backend, and merino wool felt protects and cushions your device at the base.

Ponderlily – 2024 Planner ($35)

For some of us, keeping a virtual calendar isn’t quite as helpful as having a physical planner. Ponderlily’s weekly planners combine beauty and function to help you organise your workweek, with monthly and weekly planning spaces, inspirational quotes, and goal-setting tools to maximise productivity.

Rifle Paper Co. – 2024 Appointment Wall Calendar ($28)

While just about anything from Rifle Paper Co.’s enormous catalogue would make a classy gift, this appointment calendar is perfect for old-schoolers who prefer to keep track of life on paper. It comes in two intricate floral designs, and will help you ring in the new year with style.  


The holidays are for family — and that includes pets! They bring you joy all year long, so when gift-giving season comes around, treat your furry friend to something special with these recommendations.

PetLab – Dental Duo Bundle ($62.26)

This bundle from PetLab is designed to support your dog’s dental routine by fighting plaque buildup, promoting oral hygiene, and freshening their breath. The Dental Formula is odorless and tasteless when dissolved in water, and offers deep cleansing, while the Plaque Pro targets tarter and build up in hard-to-reach places to keep your dog’s pearly whites healthy.

NutriPaw – Hip and Joint Treats ($42.47)

Founded in late 2020, the London-based company NutriPaw creates dog treats that are specially designed to address common canine conditions, including stress, allergies, and hip and joint issues. Each of their 4 product varieties are made from all-natural, high-quality ingredients, and are designed to help your pets to live healthier, happier lives.

RIFRUF – Caesar 1 Sneaker ($70)

Protect your pooch’s paws from the polar pavement this season with a set of sneakers made specially for them. RIFRUF’s Caesar model is made from the same material as human sneakers to provide durable quality and comfort for your canine companion.  

Holiday shipping deadlines are coming up

With more people shopping for holiday gifts online than ever before, now is the time to start shopping to ensure orders are delivered on time. But that doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on the Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals — DTC brands are already offering great deals and promotions for all your gift-giving shopping needs. And the best part? Many of the brands above offer free shipping over a certain spend and/or offer 2-day shipping.

Happy holidays!

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