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On average, Sweden-based shoppers spend close to $1,908 per year on ecommerce. This preference for online shopping is to be expected considering they have a strong mail-order tradition.

With an increase of 33%, the Swedish ecommerce market contributed to the worldwide growth rate of 29% last year, and this is ecommerce market is expected to grow year over year.

Looking to sell to the Nordic region’s biggest economy? You’ve come to the right place. 

This guide provides information on how to ship a package from the US to Sweden, plus tips on how ecommerce brands can better plan international shipping logistics with ShipBob.

Cost & delivery speeds for shipping to Sweden from the US

US-based ecommerce merchants who ship to Sweden have different priorities. Some care for shipping deals and others for reliable and speedy delivery. So, there are no one-size-fits all solutions. 

This is why it is important to compare the costs and delivery timelines of shipping services to Sweden and choose the one that’s best for you.

Note: These are general options for consumers shipping orders. To know what ShipBob offers when shipping to other countries like Sweden, please request a quote here.

ServicePriceDelivery Time
USPSGXG™ Envelopes$131.751-3 business days
USPSPriority Mail International$60.853-5 business days
USPSPriority Mail International Large Flat Rate Box$105.156-10 business days
UPSWorldwide Expedited$38.212-5 business days
UPSWorldwide Express$49.961-3 business days
UPSUPS Worldwide Express Plus$96.961-3 business days
FedExInternational Priority  $228.47 1-3 business days
DHLExpress Worldwide$69.291-4 business days 

USPS offers flat rate shipping to Sweden ranging from $39.40 to $105.15 for delivery within 6 to 10 days. And we calculated the following rates using each courier’s pricing calculators for a consistent example of a 2.2 lbs package in November 2021. Exact prices are subject to change.

ShipBob’s exact rates for customers will vary as we charge an all-in ‘total fulfilment cost’ that includes picking, packing, and shipping, among other factors.

How to choose a shipping courier

Choosing the right shipping courier(s) for your parcels to Sweden is important since it can make your break your international shipping strategy

See below is a detailed pro-con list of the top four couriers. This should help you identify the one that accommodates your needs: 




  • Offers flat rate shipping
  • Allows for drop off at several locations in the US 
  • No pickup fee
  • Levies fewer surcharges 
  • Works best for less fragile parcels
  • Isn’t as reliable as the other three couriers
  • Not preferred for urgent shipments
  • Does not offer good last-mile delivery support
  • Offers greater shipping reliability and last-mile delivery tracking
  • Offers significant US presence making drop offs much easier
  • Guarantees fast delivery
  • Comes with insurance for international shipping
  • Accepts parcels weighing up to 150 lbs for shipping
  • Offers discounts on bulk shipping
  • Higher rates of shipping
  • Charges a pickup fee for one-time shipments
  • Fewer options for free packaging
  • Thanks to its large domestic footprint, picking up packages is easier
  • Deals with multiple shipping partners to reduce logistics costs
  • Picks up packages from your doorstep
  • Best services large shipments
  • Offers additional discounts to small businesses that use their services regularly 
  • Relatively higher shipping costs as compared to USPS
  • Charges a pickup fee
  • Has a greater international focus 
  • Does not charge pick-up fees
  • Employs environmental-friendly practices
  • Comes with insurance for international shipping
  • Offers door-to-door courier services
  • Difficult to locate drop-off points, owing to the limited presence in the US
  • Shipping costs are quite high as compared to FedEx, UPS, and USPS 
  • Levies higher surcharges

Shipping to Sweden from the US with USPS

USPS offers convenient and affordable shipping services from the US to Sweden. You can harness their international shipping services to send shipments to over 180 countries, including Sweden. 

When to use USPS to ship from the US to Sweden

If you are a business that is careful about saving costs and flexible with delivery timelines then choose USPS. Its flat-rate services will ensure that your orders are affordably shipped no matter how heavy it is.

Shipping to Sweden from the US with UPS

For time-definite and day-definite delivery to Sweden, choose UPS.  It is one of the largest and most trusted global shipping and logistics companies that service over 220 countries and territories across the globe.

When to use UPS to ship from the US to Sweden

UPS, with its wide presence across the US, is very convenient for courier drop-offs. And it offers real-time, door-to-door tracking to help you gain better control over your order fulfilment. 

Shipping to Sweden from the US with FedEx

FedEx is a very reliable courier that sends parcels from the US to Sweden, with services tailored to your shipping needs.

FedEx ships to 130 countries and territories and is best known for its air delivery service.

When to use FedEx to ship from the US to Sweden

With FedEx, businesses are supported at every step of the way, thanks to its free customer care, packaging, and order tracking. FedEx is also well-known for its reliable and speedy delivery.

Shipping to Sweden from the US with DHL

DHL enables shipping to over 220 countries and territories worldwide. A division of the German logistics firm Deutsche Post, it has a legacy of shipping goods in a timely and reliable fashion.

When to use DHL to ship from the US to Sweden

If you are looking for a courier that ensures zero logistics-related carbon emissions, then DHL is the best option.

It also insures your orders to Sweden and does not charge any pick-up fees. On the flip side, the shipping charges tend to be quite high.

Duties & taxes when shipping to Sweden

When you submit an import declaration you also need to pay customs duties, VAT, and other applicable taxes.

Customs duty is levied on shipments that exceed 206 600 SEK in declared value. And the duty is calculated based on the cost price of the goods, and the cost of transport to the EU border, and transport insurance.

Typically VAT of 25% is also charged on the full value of most items exported to Sweden. The only outliers to this rule are imported food items and books and periodicals, where the VAT charged is 12% and 6% respectively.

Sweden customs information

The moment your shipment crosses the Swedish border, it needs to be presented to the customs authority for importation clearance. 

This involves submitting a customs declaration, documents confirming that the declaration is accurate, and paying all the relevant taxes and duties. 

Note: In case you are not ready with the requisite documentation when the goods reach Sweden, you can store it in temporary warehousing or customs warehousing for up to 90 days.

To learn more about Sweden’s customs department, here is a link to its website.

Prohibited items when shipping to Sweden

Almost every country’s customs authority sets some rules about what goods are and aren’t allowed into the country. Sweden is no different.

It has a list of items that are restricted from being imported which include medications, meat and milk products for personal consumption, soil, and wireless telephones. You need to take special permission to ship these items to Sweden.

To avoid painful and expensive delays or legal action, we recommend checking the ever-evolving customs laws before shipping your order.

Here are a some examples of goods that must never be shipped to this Nordic nation:

Items you can’t ship to Sweden from the US

Alcoholic beverages
Asbestos fibers
Animal products
Firearms and ammunition
Toys and games containing copper sulfate

Be sure to check with the official Sweden customs website before sending your goods, as the list of restricted and banned items tends to evolve with time.

What ecommerce businesses need to know about shipping to Sweden

Many times, online merchants enter new markets without any local business insights, only to face thousands of dollars in losses. 

If you don’t want your business to suffer a similar fate, here is everything you need to consider before selling and shipping to Sweden.

1. Capture the mobile audience

About 41% of Sweden’s internet users conduct at least one ecommerce transaction per month through mobile apps. If you want to tap into this segment of buyers, it is important to build an intuitive and localised mobile app.

2. Offer varied payment options

In Sweden, buyers prefer to pay by invoice, followed by credit card. Also, the younger generation of shoppers use mobile payment methods such as Swish. Thus, be sure to offer all three payment modes to your online customers in Sweden.

3. Harness social media to influence purchases

The average Swedish shopper spends about 7.1 hours a weekon social media. And their purchase decisions are heavily influenced by their sessions on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook.
Hence, to increase brand awareness and influence the buying decisions of Swedish shoppers you need to build a strong social media strategy. 

Outsource shipping and logistics to a 3PL like ShipBob

If you run an ecommerce business but have never shipped products to Sweden before or want more affordable rates to ramp up your international sales, consider working with a 3PL like to help make international selling easier.

By partnering with ShipBob, you eliminate the need to manage retail fulfilment, logistics operations, and hire labour.

Working with ShipBob can actually turn logistics and warehousing into a revenue driver because you can increase sales and offer the shipping options, transit times, and delivery speeds that customers want.

The best part about partnering with ShipBob is you get time back to focus on more strategic initiatives, such as customer service and marketing.

“Our customers are all over the world in dozens of countries, wherever people play golf, and we are nearly doubling our customer base each year.

We had a distribution point in the UK in London, but anticipated that cross-border shipping issues would become more prevalent with Brexit pending, as we realised a good chunk of our customer base in the EU wouldn’t be able to as easily receive shipments from the UK, as it may be more expensive with longer shipping times.

We reached out to ShipBob, as we became more concerned with Brexit and wanted a fulfilment centre in the European Union. Beyond taking care of all of our European orders, we quickly became very impressed by ShipBob’s transparency, simplicity, and intuitive dashboard.”

Harley Abrams, Operations Manager of SuperSpeed Golf, LLC

Ready to start shipping to Sweden from the US? Get started with ShipBob. 

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What’s the cheapest way to ship to Sweden from the US?

UPS Worldwide Express and UPS Worldwide Expedited offer some of the cheapest ways to ship from the US to Sweden.

What’s the cheapest way to ship large packages to Sweden from the US?

When it comes to large and heavy parcels, it’s always recommended to choose the flat rate services of USPS.

What’s the fastest way to ship a package to Sweden from the US?

USPS GXG Envelopes, UPS Worldwide Express, UPS Worldwide Express Plus, and FedEx International Priority ensure your package is delivered to Sweden in 1 to 3 business days.

Do I have to pay customs duties and fees when shipping to Sweden from the US?

When your shipment reaches the Swedish borders, for certain goods you will need to pay customs duty, VAT, and other taxes. Be sure to check with the country’s customs authorities before shipping any items to customers.

What’s the easiest way to ship something to Sweden from the US?

Choose UPS and FedEx for some of the most convenient and secure ways of shipping goods from the US to Sweden thanks to its many drop-off locations and order tracking features.