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Loop helps Shopify brands make returns effortless, saving you time and leading more customers to exchange than refund. Now with ShipBob, you can keep your team in sync by approving returns and exchanges, automatically. 

Loop is also the only solution that gives customers extra credit to continue shopping – giving you a better opportunity to keep the relationship alive.

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Save Time with Automated Returns

When items are received in good condition, ShipBob will automatically approve the return request in Loop. You no longer need to share updates back and forth – the integration will take care of it, automatically. You can reduce the time spent managing returns by more than 90%.

Make Customers Happier

Your customers get frustrated when waiting for a shipping label. With Loop, customers can submit return requests and receive shipping labels any time, day or night. This saves even more time for your team and gives customers what they need, when they need it.

Retain More Customers

When customers ask to return, it doesn’t always mean they want their money back – they may need a new size or want a new product. With Loop, you can offer more exchange options to keep the relationship (and the revenue) alive. The average brand converts 40% (!) of all returns to exchanges with Loop.

Capture New Revenue

Your customers can immediately use return credit to shop for new products inside your returns portal. When buying multiple products or a more expensive product, you capture new revenue on the sale. The best part? Loop doesn’t charge any fees or commissions on exchanges.

Reduce Refunds with Extra Credit

A refund can often signal the end of a relationship. Instead, offer extra credit to incentivize customers with additional purchasing power. When presented a $50 refund, offer $60 to shop your website. The total amount of extra credit is up to you.

Reduce Your Return Rate

Give your team more data than ever before. With Loop, you can ask for two tiers of feedback (1. Item Didn’t Fit, 2. Too Big), use an open comment box for custom responses, and present different return reasons for different product types. Helping you prevent returns before they happen.

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