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Streamline Fulfilment & Gain More Control

Selling through Amazon is a great way to get in front of customers, but that doesn’t mean you have to rely fully on Amazon. By partnering with a leading fulfilment provider like ShipBob to handle Fulfiled by Merchant (FBM) orders on Amazon, you get access to a large geographic footprint, best-in-class technology, and dedicated support team.

ShipBob can fulfil your Amazon orders as well as your website orders to fully streamline your fulfilment strategy. We’ve onboarded thousands of ecommerce merchants who sell on Amazon quickly and effortlessly. 

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Nikolai Paloni,

Co-Founder of Ombraz Sunglasses

I worked at Amazon for several years and was heavily involved in some of their supply chain and logistics business. When we initially embarked on this business journey, I had an understanding of what to look for in a fulfilment partner. ShipBob’s costs are great and fulfilment times are wonderful.


Connect your store and sync your products.


We store your inventory securely in our fulfilment centres.


Your customer places an order on your store.


We pick, pack, and ship the order to your customer fast.

We tried Amazon, but ShipBob packages our products correctly and with better rates. While Amazon was turning other companies away, here we got our own Account Manager.

Fernanda Gomez Ocejo,

Director of Supply Chain at Open Water

How ShipBob Partners With You

With ShipBob, you can outsource your fulfilment to proven experts with a distributed network to get orders to customers safely and on time.

  • Let your brand shine either, not ours. Choose from using our standard plain boxes, mailers, and dunnage, or by shipping orders in your own custom branded packaging.
  • Access real-time inventory management across locations and identify slow-moving products.
  • Gain insights into where you should ship from to get orders to customers quickly.
  • View how many days of inventory you have on hand and set reorder points to order more on time.
  • Get started within a week and have confidence in a long-term scalable fulfilment partner.
  • Receive best-in-class support from the same people who are familiar with your unique needs.
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Hear from other brands

Founder of FATCO Cassandra Burnvoth shared her experience with ShipBobon the latest struggles with Amazon post-COVID-19, saying “she doesn’t want to be a pawn in someone else’s game.”

Use multiple international fulfilment centres

ShipBob has fulfilment centres throughout the world, and you get to choose which and how many locations you use for greater flexibility. When an order is placed, ShipBob automatically sends it to the fulfilment centre closest to the customer. This reduces shipping costs and allows for faster deliveries.

Access to best-in-class support

ShipBob is a partner and an extension of your brand. While Amazon is not known to be the most merchant-friendly option, with ShipBob, you always speak to real people who you can get in touch with, and the same reps who know your account and products.

Smarter fulfilment with proprietary technology

ShipBob integrates with Amazon seamlessly to fulfil FBM orders, so it’s easy to link your Amazon account to our proprietary technology. ShipBob’ dashboard gives you valuable insights into your fulfilment, orders, inventory, and other important business analytics. You can easily set reorder points to ensure you don’t run out of inventory and find all of the data you need.

Companies like ShipBob are working with some of the most popular DTC brands taking a run at Amazon’s dominance.

Deirdre Bosa,

CNBC Technology Reporter

One night during quarantine when I was in the process of shipping a bunch of product to Amazon, I saw that all of our products no longer had the Prime badge. Using ShipBob, we were able to transition from FBA listings to FBM right away. This way, we didn’t see a huge drop in orders placed on Amazon. With FBM, our delivery times were much shorter than what FBA was showing on all of our products.

Director of Operations at BAKblade,

We place considerable expectations and pressure on shipping so we can get close to what Amazon does. With ShipBob, 100% of our orders are going out via 2-day shipping. We see that people are far more likely to order and keep ordering from us when 2-Day Express Shipping is an option.

COO of Nature’s Ultra,

ShipBob represents what I was looking for in a 3PL as a seller — the exact opposite of Amazon in terms of user interface, customer service, and harsh fees. In contrast to working in the Amazon fulfilment dashboard, which looks like a Bloomberg terminal upon opening it, the ShipBob dashboard is awesome and extremely user-friendly.

Founder and CEO of Brummell,

We want to offer a custom experience for our customers and we can’t do that at a reasonable cost with Amazon. The flexibility to offer various combinations of products to our customers that we don’t get on Amazon has been really beneficial through ShipBob.

Business Operations Manager at Ample Foods,

Operationally, having the right partner to work through our pain points is a big deal for us, and ShipBob helps us with all of them. In my eyes, ShipBob is competing against the Amazons of the world. Not only are they very cost-competitive and quick, they actually care.

Co-Founder of FLEO,

We want the customer experience of purchasing on our website to be similar to Amazon Prime. This is possible with ShipBob, without inflating the shipping cost to an insane level. To do this, we store inventory in three of ShipBob’s fulfilment centres across the country, which map out nicely with our broad customer base.

Co-Founder of EnduroSport,