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Finding the right third-party logistics (3PL) provider to manage luxury goods fulfilment is an important step in growing your ecommerce business. You’ll want to partner up with a service that is reliable and understands the particulars of your luxury products and customer base.

What is luxury goods fulfilment?

Luxury good fulfilment is the process of receiving, packaging, and shipping orders for luxurious products such as perfumes, apparel, accessories, jewelry, and high-end beauty products.

How ShipBob grows luxury product ecommerce sales

2-day shipping is the norm because consumers expect fast shipping times. ShipBob is one of the few 3PLs that offers 2-day shipping. Small and growing luxury businesses can offer delivery speeds comparable to Amazon. 

ShipBob also takes great care with handling your luxury products throughout the fulfilment process; we have virtually no cases of broken or damaged goods. Thus, luxury brands have been able to grow faster and sustainably with ShipBob.

Challenges of luxury item fulfilment

The challenges of luxury item fulfilment start well before the shipping process itself. Many ecommerce brands suffer from storage problems and warehousing. Warehouses that store luxury products have to be well maintained and organised, to ensure that items are store safely before they are picked, packed, and shipped.

Challenges of shipping luxury products

When shipping luxury products, there are many potential problems that can arise. ShipBob takes care of all of them, and here’s how. 

Security and inventory control

ShipBob boasts advanced security and simplifies inventory control. ShipBob’s spacious warehouses are guarded round-the-clock, and we keep them well-organised, maintained, and secure. Through the ShipBob dashboard, you can track inventory from all fulfilment centre locations utilised in real time. 

“We have a Shopify store but do not use Shopify to track inventory. In terms of tracking inventory, we use ShipBob for everything — to be able to track each bottle of perfume, what we have left, and what we’ve shipped, while getting a lot more information on each order.”

Ines Guien, Vice President of Operations at Dossier

Custom branded packaging

Many 3PL providers use their own packaging for shipping your luxury products. Amazon, for example, uses its own branded packaging complete with the Amazon logo all over it. Here at ShipBob, however, you have the option to choose between our standard packaging, or we can use your branded custom packaging, including boxes, mailers, and inserts with your branding to generate brand awareness for your company. 

Easy-to-understand prices

Many 3PL providers fail to be upfront about their charges or have ‘fine print’ pricing, leading to hidden costs. For accounting purposes, businesses need to know what to expect before committing to any 3PL, or else budgeting becomes very difficult. ShipBob values complete transparency, and we offer a simplified pricing for each service that we offer. For a customised fulfilment solutions (such as kitting or B2B), we also offer custom pricing for additional services to meet your unique needs. 

“We did some market research, and I knew some other brands that used ShipBob. I think the first thing that really came through with ShipBob was that the pricing structure was very easy to understand. The pricing was competitive, but most importantly, the services were excellent. Everything just works.”

Sergio Tache, CEO of Dossier

ShipBob’s order fulfilment process

ShipBob boasts an efficient four-step process for order fulfilment for providing customers with the best experience with a logistics service provider. Here is an overview of our 3PL fulfilment process

Step 1: Receiving

The receiving process involves us collecting your luxury products and storing them. When you start working with ShipBob, your luxury items are sent to one or multiple ShipBob warehouses depending on where your customer base is. 

Step 2: Picking

When a customer places their order, ShipBob is notified. Our warehouse management system (WMS) automatically assigns similar orders with inventory in the same area of the warehouse to the same picker to reduce the number of steps required to pick orders for a more efficient workflow. A picking list is generated, and each unit that’s picked is scanned from the inventory container so inventory counts are updated in real-time.

Step 3: Packing

The next step is to securely pack them and add the shipping label. At ShipBob, we use standard packing materials including brown boxes, plain bubble mailers and poly bags, packing tape, and dunnage at no extra cost.

Step 4: Shipping

ShipBob partners with major shipping couriers to negotiate shipping rates and have them pick up packages daily sorted by each shipping service. To keep customers updated on the last-mile delivery process, you can set up proper order tracking on your store.

How ShipBob works

ShipBob is a technology-enabled 3PL provider with advanced fulfilment software to make the inventory and order management process smooth and efficient. We have many fulfilment centres strategically located all over the United States (with an expanding presence in international countries), to deliver orders as quickly as possible.

How ShipBob has helped luxury companies

ShipBob works with many luxury direct-to-consumer brands to help them effectively deliver their products. Here are some companies we’ve partnered up with over the years, as well as what they have to say about us.

Doris Sleep

Doris Sleep is a luxury bed pillow brand that makes eco-friendly, machine-washable, hypoallergenic pillows. They partnered with ShipBob to streamline their fulfilment process from the start.

With ShipBob, I can maintain my brand experience. It doesn’t end on my store — it lasts through that unboxing experience.


Bathorium is a luxury bath products brand, sourcing the highest grade of ingredients and producing handcrafted bath bombs and soaks. After teaming up with ShipBob, they were able to save 70% on shipping costs, and have experienced a 20% growth in the US.

“The team at Bathorium also values not having to deal with support lines or work through an email and instead be able to talk to a human. The speed at which the ShipBob team works when any issues arise has proven to be another valuable aspect of our partnership.”

Getting started with ShipBob is easy

If you need a reliable 3PL provider to help grow your luxury goods brand, then you’ve come to the right place. Get custom pricing and learn more about how ShipBob works by filling out the form below. 

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