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Looking for ecommerce fulfilment in Chicago? ShipBob is a Chicago-based ecommerce fulfilment provider with five fulfilment centres, including one in Chicago. Keep reading to learn more about how working with ShipBob can help you scale your business and meet customer expectations.

“The day before Thanksgiving, 15,000 pairs of socks arrived at my apartment in downtown Chicago. One day later, on 23 November, the inventory was in ShipBob’s Chicago fulfilment centre. By 25 November, we were successfully shipping orders out to customers.”

Steve Staffan, Founder and CEO, Brummell

ShipBob order fulfilment services in Chicago

As a third-party logistics (3PL) provider, ShipBob provides ecommerce fulfilment services for online businesses. 3PLs allow ecommerce businesses to outsource the warehousing, picking, packing, and shipping of their orders.

Self-fulfilment can be time-consuming and inefficient, but by partnering with a 3PL, companies in Chicago can reduce the time staff spends on administrative tasks, as well as reduce shipping costs. ShipBob offers features and fulfilment services including the following:

Inventory management

With ShipBob, it’s fast and easy to track inventory levels so you know when to reorder stock, ensuring that customers never experience stockouts. ShipBob even offers automated reorder notifications that remind you to reorder inventory when it drops to a certain level.

Order management

At ShipBob, we track ecommerce orders from A to Z. You can filter orders by status, search for specific orders, and view the progression of an order in real-time with a time-stamped history. Learn more about order management for your direct-to-consumer and wholesale shipments.

Distributed inventory

ShipBob clients can store inventory in multiple locations across the country, including the Chicago fulfilment warehouse, to offer fast shipping while keeping fulfilment costs low. Distributing inventory across locations means shipments have to cover smaller distances, making it cheaper and faster to ship orders to more customers.

Choosing the best 3PL in Chicago

The Chicago fulfilment logistics industry is expansive and growing — so how does ShipBob differ from other Chicago 3PLs? Here’s how ShipBob differentiates from a traditional pick-and-pack fulfilment provider.

Urban fulfilment centres

Choosing ShipBob as your Chicago 3PL doesn’t mean you’re limited to shipping from one location. ShipBob owns and operates facilities in several major US cities, allowing you to efficiently ship to the greatest number of customers in highly populated areas.

2-day shipping

In the age of Amazon, customers expect 2-day shipping everywhere they shop online. ShipBob can help ecommerce businesses offer fast and affordable shipping to their customers, leading to higher conversions and reduced cart abandonment.

Customer support

ShipBob offers dedicated customer support both at our headquarters and on-site at the Chicago fulfilment centre, meaning you’ll always have insight into your order fulfilment. As your local fulfilment centre, Chicago clients have customer support staff close to home.

Is a 3PL right for you?

Many growing ecommerce stores can benefit from outsourcing fulfilment. Here are some key ways to tell that your business is ready to outsource fulfilment to a 3PL like ShipBob:

  • I spend several hours a week packing boxes and shipping orders
  • I ship over 100 orders per month
  • I’m running out of space to store my inventory
  • I need more time for strategic projects, like marketing and product development
  • I can’t/don’t want to invest in a distribution infrastructure (think warehouses, forklifts, labour, etc.)
  • I want to improve my conversion rates, increase average order value, and build brand loyalty

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