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Building an effective ecommerce inventory process is one of the most important yet challenging aspects of running a successful business for many DTC brands and retailers, whether you’re a small business or growing business. A great place to start is to develop a solid foundation that streamlines the process, and to familiarize yourself with industry best practices. 

Partnering with a 3PL can simplify the inventory management process with best-in-class inventory management software that integrates in minutes with your online store and across all your sales channels. Our technology delivers real-time insight and data you can rely on. With ShipBob, you can rest assured that your inventory is in good hands!

Ecommerce inventory management solutions with ShipBob

ShipBob combines order fulfilment services and proprietary technology with ecommerce inventory management software built in. With ShipBob, merchants are able to seamlessly manage inventory control, even across multiple stores and fulfilment centres, while delivering fast and affordable shipping for their customers.

“We have access to live inventory management, knowing exactly how many units we have in Texas vs. Chicago vs. New York. It not only helps with our overall process in managing and making sure our inventory levels are balanced but also for tax purposes at the end of the year. ShipBob made simplified the entire process for our accountants and for us.”

Matt Dryfhout, Founder & CEO of BAKblade

Inventory distribution

Using more than one warehouse to store inventory, also known as distributed inventory, is a great way to deliver fast and affordable shipping to your customers. ShipBob owns several fulfilment centres within the continental US to deliver 2-day shipping nationwide.

“Off the bat, I liked that I would be able to control multiple warehouses through one page with ShipBob. With my old 3PL, I could never just open a page and get the info I wanted. I had to click several times, then export it, and try to make sense of it. ShipBob lets you manage your inventory while providing important data in a very digestible way.”

Wes Brown, Head of Operations at Black Claw LLC

Inventory tracking

With ShipBob’s inventory tracking software in place, your orders and inventory are synced in real-time. Having the technology to set up real-time inventory counts in our fulfilment centres allows you to view the status of inventory you send to us, the quantity on hand at our fulfilment centre(s), and many metrics on your inventory’s performance.

“We have a Shopify store but do not use Shopify to track inventory. In terms of tracking inventory, we use ShipBob for everything — to be able to track each bottle of perfume, what we have left, and what we’ve shipped, while getting a lot more information on each order.”

Ines Guien, Vice President of Operations at Dossier

Inventory reorder points

ShipBob’s inventory management software and analytics dashboard make it easy to calculate and automate reorder points to maintain healthy stock levels. This type of automation helps ensure you’ll always have just enough inventory on hand without falling behind on your next batch. Being able to calculate reorder points also leads to better, more accurate forecasting by having timely and accurate data to pull from and understand your optimal reorder quantity.

How ShipBob’s ecommerce inventory management solutions work

When you choose ShipBob as your 3PL partner, you’re given the support, resources, facilities, and tools you need to simplify the inventory management and ecommerce fulfilment process. Once you connect your store to our technology all of your ecommerce platforms integrate easily with ShipBob and streamlines your ecommerce business workflows.

“So many 3PLs have either bad or no front-facing software, making it impossible to keep track of what’s leaving or entering the warehouse.

On the supply chain side, I just throw in what we placed at the factory into a WRO in the ShipBob dashboard, and I can see how many units we have on-hand, what’s incoming, what’s at docks, and so on. I can see all of those numbers in a few seconds, and it makes life so much easier.”

Harley Abrams, Operations Manager of SuperSpeed Golf, LLC

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Which software is best for inventory management?

There are several inventory management software solutions on the market, such as Skubana and Zoho. However, ShipBob offers built-in inventory management tools that can be accessed from your ShipBob dashboard at no extra costs. With ShipBob, you can track inventory levels in real time, set automatic reorder points, and manage orders all from one place.

How does ShipBob’s inventory management software work?

ShipBob’s technology includes built-in inventory and order management software that helps streamline your fulfilment strategy. With our inventory management software, you get the tools, data, and reporting necessary to manage your inventory in real time, even across multiple stores and ShipBob fulfilment centre locations.