The Best 5 Amazon Marketing Strategies and Advertising Plans of 2024

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Not long ago, Amazon was considered just another ecommerce channel for brands to tap into.

Today, it’s the largest and fastest-growing marketplace where you can reach millions of engaged shoppers with sophisticated advertising initiatives that span the entire marketing funnel.

The enormous opportunity of Amazon has also attracted more competition over the years, which is why it’s essential that you plan and execute the right marketing strategy that will help you reach your target audience.

Here’s a look at some of the most successful Amazon marketing tactics that you can leverage to drive the performance of your product listings and advertising campaigns.

What is an Amazon marketing strategy?

While every brand has different marketing initiatives to push on Amazon’s platform, the ways for reaching those goals have multiplied over the years. When building your marketing strategy, you want to account for the growing number of capabilities at your disposal to build your brand on Amazon — from paid ad campaigns to rich content on your product and store pages.

Why brands fail on Amazon

Amazon is a complex platform and there are a lot of moving parts to understand. There are a number of common mistakes brands make when executing their Amazon strategy.

Not diversifying Amazon products

A popular mistake when selling on Amazon is not diversifying your products. While it’s good to know your market, a tight niche can limit you to a very small audience of Amazon customers. 

Instead, as an Amazon seller, you can explore offering different complementary products or even expanding the variations of a popular product that you offer. By examining your existing products, you can identify what’s currently working and figure out what other products your customers might be interested in, and decide if you should add them to your Amazon product pages.

Getting undercut by competitors

Nobody likes to get undercut by their competitors. If it seems like your prices are constantly being undercut, consider your buying strategy. Buying in large batches from suppliers can lead to better deals on products, allowing you to price competitively.

Having too many competitors

If the market you’re in is oversaturated, it can be difficult to carve out your own customer base. In this case, you’ll need to focus on ways to rise above the crowd. Offering unique or superior products can help.

Not optimising product listings

You can have the best product on the market, but that doesn’t mean anything if people can’t find it. Failing to optimise your listings using Amazon SEO means your products will fail on both Google and Amazon searches. 

The 5 Amazon marketing strategies for 2021

To help you be successful on Amazon, let’s take a look at some of the top Amazon marketing strategies for 2021.

1. Optimised Amazon SEO

Optimising your products for Amazon SEO will help your customers find them when they search for relevant search terms. Amazon’s search engine gives priority to well-described product searches and pins them to the top of the recommended searches. Here’s what you should be paying attention to.


When it comes to keywords, Amazon allows you to add 250 characters on the backend to influence product discoverability. These are invisible to the customer and allow you to associate your product with certain keywords and phrases. Make sure you do your keyword research to be able to compete within this ecommerce giant!


Put yourself in the customer’s shoes when creating a title. By including relevant keywords, you can increase your clickthrough rate and boost sales.


Your descriptions set you apart from the competition. Use bullet points to outline your product’s important features and increase conversions.


When it comes to images, Amazon has very clear guidelines. Product images should be clear, easy to understand, information-rich, and attractive.


Your customers want information. By adding a Q&A section, you can answer commonly asked questions and keep your customers informed.

2. Affiliate marketing

Amazon offers an Amazon affiliate program that allows website owners to advertise products from Amazon on their websites. When people click on these links and buy a product, they earn a commission.

This is a useful Amazon marketing strategy because it directs new traffic to your Amazon page. Featuring your products on different websites can get you a completely new set of customers you wouldn’t get otherwise.

3. Amazon advertising

Amazon advertising puts your product in front of users who might not have found it on their own. There are three kinds of Amazon advertisements.

Product display ads

Product display ads are Amazon PPC (pay-per-click) ads and they’re insanely popular. They appear virtually everywhere and have a relatively high conversion rate of roughly 10%.

Sponsored brand ads

Sponsored brand ads feature a headline, logo, and up to three of your products. They can be found on the search page and help drive brand awareness.

Display ads

Amazon display ads are CPC (cost-per-click) ads that can be displayed not only on the Amazon website and app but also on websites and apps that aren’t owned by Amazon. You can customise these ads to take users to your Amazon store, product page, or even a custom optimised landing page.

4. Third-party advertising

You may be selling on Amazon, but this doesn’t mean your advertising is limited to the platform. Third-party advertising can help increase clickthrough and conversion rates. Make sure to always optimise your ads by utilising data. Automated data reporting helps with that tremendously. 

Google Ads

Google receives over 63,000 searches per second, making it a valuable marketing channel. Google ads for ecommerce are a significant part of overall ads run on Google. With Google Ads, you can take advantage of features like retargeting and email marketing.

Facebook ads

Facebook is a major player in social media. Utilising Facebook’s paid ads platform, you can push a completely new audience of customers to your Amazon store and products.

5. Customer reviews

One of the most popular features of Amazon is its review system. Once a potential buyer reads the product description, the next thing they will do is verify if the product is of high-quality according to the top product reviews. Focusing on getting positive reviews can help boost your product’s popularity organically. Offering incentives like temporarily lowering your prices or sending out free products can encourage customers to leave good reviews.

5 tips for your Amazon listings

Improving your Amazon listings should be a top priority of your online marketing strategy. Here are some tips to boost your ranking.

1. Provide free shipping

Everyone loves free shipping. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to encourage customers to pull the trigger on a purchase.

2. Provide fast shipping

People want products and they want them now. Amazon has set a high standard with their 2-day shipping, so anything slower than that isn’t meeting their standards.

3. Do a giveaway with a content creator

Teaming up with a content creator to do a giveaway contest brings a completely new group of customers to your brand. Coupled with the added trust that followers have in content creators they follow, doing a giveaway can be an effective way to boost your listings.

4. Review your seller analytics

Information is key to growing your business. Amazon offers a Seller Analytics feature that gives you access to data such as which products are performing well.

Using Seller Analytics, you can leverage this information to make informed decisions about your business, such as choosing which customer segments to focus on. 

5. Test different advertising methods

Growth can’t happen without experimentation. By testing different Google, Facebook, and Amazon ads you can begin to collect data to optimise your advertising strategy. 

Using this information, you can find out which ads work better than others. You may even find that certain ads work better with certain customer segments!


Amazon’s here to stay and it’s only getting bigger. Using an Amazon marketing strategy can help you take advantage of Amazon’s huge user market to scale your own business and promote rapid growth.

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