ShipBob WMS Pricing

ShipBob’s warehouse management system pricing is simple for ease of budgeting. You’ll also get so much more value, including:

  • Hands-on implementation at your facility
  • Access to ShipBob’s best-in-class shipping rates
  • The same software that powers our global network
A big part of the appeal of ShipBob’s WMS is the cost. The fact that it’s so cost-effective made it such an easy decision. I’ve recommended ShipBob to 10 people already this year.

Clint Sanders

VP of Operations at Bunker Branding

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ShipBob’s WMS automatically selects the best delivery method for us so it costs us less and our customers get faster shipping. We’re saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, just in postage. When we first got started, we estimated over $400,000 in savings. ShipBob has helped us save 40% on total fulfilment costs.

Adam LaGesse

Global Warehousing Director at Spikeball 

What does pricing entail for ShipBob WMS?

There are 3 core fees: implementation (a one-time fee), a monthly software fee, and the cost of shipping each order.

Are there any minimums or maximums?

You can use ShipBob’s WMS if you have your own warehouse in the US and are shipping between 3,500 – 120,000 orders/month.

Does ShipBob offer international shipping outside of the US?

Yes, ShipBob can ship orders to more than 220 countries and territories.

Will ShipBob complete implementation at our warehouse?

Yes, ShipBob typically completes the onboarding experience at your warehouse, allowing our team and your team to get hands-on with the software, hardware, and processes. If you prefer to do implementation virtually, we can also accommodate.

Does ShipBob WMS allow us to fulfil B2B/Wholesale/EDI orders, or just DTC orders?

In addition to DTC orders, ShipBob’s system can help you fulfil automated EDI-compliant orders, as well as larger wholesale/B2B orders at an additional cost, including labelling, pre-paid, pallet preparation, freight quote, and more. Learn more here.

How are shipping costs calculated?

Shipping costs are variable in nature, based on weight, dimensions, destination, service, and more. Learn more about dimensional weight here and shipping zones here.

Can I use ShipBob’s WMS in my own warehouse and also ShipBob’s own fulfilment centres?

Yes, roughly one-third of ShipBob WMS customers also outsource fulfilment to ShipBob (most often in Europe, Australia, and Canada, though some do other regions of the US as well).

How many users can my account have?

ShipBob’s WMS offers unlimited users as well as unlimited warehouses (at no cost).

What type of support is included?

In addition to workin with an Account Executive during the sales process and a dedicated Implementation Specialist during onboarding, you will also have access to a dedicated Account Manager and Support team.

How do I get a quote?

Fill out this form and a fulfilment expert will be in touch to start the conversation on whether we’d be a good mutual fit for your business.