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To ensure your brand never oversells again, you need real-time visibility into your inventory and order data.

ChannelApe will keep this data in-sync across your sales channels, ShipBob warehouses, and ERPs so you can reduce online stockouts while increasing sales and customer trust.

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Seamless Integration

ChannelApe handles all the integrations to B2B+B2C sales channels, finance/ERP, and EDI with a seamless integration to the ShipBob WMS.

It’s an easy setup that we maintain—no custom code required—so you can get up and running in a few days with a best-in-class order and inventory management platform.

Single View of Operations

Even if you have just one warehouse, you still have three inventory locations (manufacturer, warehouse, returns) in multiple statuses (on hand, on order, committed, reserved, damaged).

By consolidating this information in one centralised hub, you’ll always know where your product is and where it’s going—without relying on an external WMS.

Real-Time Inventory

When you can leverage timely, accurate data, you can stop overselling while ensuring there are no items sitting idly at your warehouse. All without you ever having to manually update inventory again.

Data across your Shopify storefront, ShipBob and other 3PL warehouses, and other internal systems (e.g., ERP, returns platform) automatically sync to and from ChannelApe.

Scale Quicker

Adding new sales channels, like a physical storefront or wholesale, increases the complexity of your ecommerce operations. That’s why we handle all the inventory tracking and reconciling on the back-end for you!

This frees you up to upgrade your warehouse network or fulfilment offerings (e.g., ship from store) to deliver to customers faster.

Increase Trust & NPS

You set your unique fulfilment rules (e.g., wholesale reserves, on order inventory) while ShipBob successfully fulfils on hand inventory, fast.

Avoid overselling with automated notifications for low inventory items, enable customers to edit orders post-purchase, and create shipping rules and fulfilment logic that better serve your customers.

Improve Margins

Have more control into how your shipping expenses are spent. Get returns back to sellable faster so all items have a better chance of being sold at (or near) full price. Improve your inventory forecasting to purchase more of what you need (and less of what you don’t).

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