Why Bierstick Chose ShipBob to Fulfil Orders From Their Online Store [Case Study]

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As Bierstick’s business grew and orders started to drastically increase, they knew they couldn’t handle packing and shipping orders themselves. They found a partner in ShipBob to handle order fulfilment, and have been satisfied ever since.

Bierstick appreciates ShipBob’s family feel and the great customer support, from answering questions in minutes to handling claims for lost and damaged packages for free. Bierstick also takes advantage of offering customers two-day shipping at prices that are similar (and sometimes, even cheaper) compared to what they did themselves.

With Shopify as the backend platform for their website, Bierstick enjoys the ease of integration between their website and ShipBob’s software. With one-click, Bierstick is able to import products from their store – populating pictures, SKUs, and more – for customers to buy and ShipBob to automatically fulfil.

Hear from Bierstick co-founders and brothers, Ryan, Brandon, and Justin on how ShipBob has helped them be more successful online.

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