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Crowdfunding fulfilment services refer to the inventory management, picking, packing, and shipping of a product that was funded online. Crowdfunded projects come with their own unique set of challenges that are unlike traditional retail items. Crowdfunding fulfilment often requires a large number of products at once to be picked, packed, and shipped quickly.

Many successful crowdfunding campaigns forget to account for the cost of storage and reward fulfilment, which, on average, costs roughly 20% of the item. It is important for crowdfunded projects to budget for and plan for storing and shipping rewards when the time comes.

Many crowdfunding endeavors are focused on creativity and not fulfilment logistics, which is why choosing a third-party logistics provider to handle the reward fulfilment is a popular choice among Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns. The key to a successful reward distribution is finding a partner that can simplify and streamline the fulfilment process.

For example, ShipBob’s customers often see reduced shipping costs because they offer discounted rates, free packaging, and many other included services. ShipBob’s pricing structure is intentionally transparent to accurately predict the fulfilment cost and budget accordingly.

ShipBob crowdfunding fulfilment

ShipBob is experienced in the following:

  • Kickstarter reward fulfilment
  • Indiegogo reward fulfilment
  • Flash sales
  • And much more

ShipBob can store, pick, pack, and ship crowdfunding rewards. ShipBob specializes in assisting small businesses, startups, and crowdfunding campaigns to offer high quality service at an affordable price.

Through ShipBob’s Growth Plan, crowdfunders can onboard themselves and have their backer rewards shipped out through ShipBob.

Crowdfunding fulfilment services

ShipBob’s crowdfunding fulfilment services include the following:

2-day shipping

Get your backers their rewards fast.

Distributed inventory

If you have a lot of rewards or products that will need to be sent out, you can split them across ShipBob’s network of fulfilment centres. These warehouses are located in spread out, key regions, allowing you to ship products out from closer to your backers. The less distance they have to travel, the less money you pay for shipping and the quicker they can get to your backers.

White label service

Whether you want to take advantage of ShipBob’s free plain brown boxes and packing materials or use your own custom branded boxes, the core of your campaign will be front and centre. Your backers never even have to see ShipBob’s name outside of the shipping label.

Intuitive fulfilment software

Keep track of your rewards, communicate with backers, and track rewards once they leave the warehouses from one central dashboard. ShipBob’s software is integrated with countless ecommerce and crowdfunding systems, and is updated in real-time so you always have access to the most up-to-date information.

Bulk shipping discounts

Whether you’re shipping 100 rewards or 100,000, you can take advantage of ShipBob’s discounts they have negotiated with USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL.

World-class service

ShipBob knows that the reward fulfilment process can be a particularly stressful part of a campaign, so they are here for you, day and night.

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Offering a seamless, positive experience for your backers ensures that they’ll be interested and willing to support future crowdfunding or ecommerce endeavors. One of the most crucial parts of the rewards process is the logistical side of packing and shipping rewards. Let ShipBob help.

ShipBob specializes in packing and shipping products of all shapes and sizes. They can help you spend as little as possible on fulfilment, so the bulk of your crowdfunding resources can go to what’s most important – your product.

Additionally, with hundreds of thousands of square feet in warehouse space, you can store large volumes of items. You won’t have to worry about what to do with your rewards before they are sent to your backers.
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