How MANSSION Switched 3PLs to ShipBob to Grow 1,000% YoY [Case Study]

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Learn how this jewellerybrand grew 1,000% after switching from one fulfilment company to ShipBob, saving money with a simpler pricing plan.

“There were definitely cost savings in moving to ShipBob as the old 3PL charged us for every pick fee, which added up. ShipBob has a simpler approach to pricing with several picks included instead of charging every little fee, which helped us consolidate our logistics costs considerably.”

Torii Rowe, COO & Co-Founder of MANSSION

Customer Profile

MANSSION is revolutionizing the men’s jewelleryindustry. Created from the realization that there was little on the market between $5 cheap knockoffs and pieces that cost thousands of dollars, they set out to introduce high-quality fashionable options that are affordable. Living by the motto ‘Set yourself apart.’ the MANSSION brand is about encouraging people to stand out rather than fit in. 

Manssion founding team

Key metrics:

  • 1,000% growth year over year
  • >$1 million in sales in first full year of business

MANSSION offers stylish jewelleryat a reasonable price and made with the best materials. Their accessories offer the perfect balance of edginess and sophistication for the ultimate expression of individuality.

MANSSION was founded in late 2017 but didn’t start production until early 2019, as they wanted to perfect how they source high-quality materials like metals and natural stones for everything to be custom made.

To this day, they keep design in-house and don’t dropship any products, so you can’t find their jewelleryanywhere else.

This approach has paid off for MANSSION: 2020 was their first full year of being operational and they brought in nearly $1 million in sales.

We sat down with Torii Rowe, COO & Co-Founder of MANSSION, to learn more about the fast-growing brand he helped create and hear how moving logistics to ShipBob from a competing 3PL helped them save money and headaches.

Lessons learned from switching 3PLs

As told to ShipBob by Torii Rowe, COO & Co-Founder of MANSSION.

Before ShipBob, we used to work with another 3PL that was terrible. It was so stressful trying to deal with them and they claimed to be a “tech-enabled 3PL,” but it was clear they were a smaller service trying to get up to that level that ShipBob is at.

With our old 3PL, we’d have to reach out 3-4 times per day, and I even had the CEO’s number because there were so many issues and fulfilment errors all around.

Ironically, my biggest fear or hesitation of working with ShipBob (and why we worked with the other 3PL instead first) is thinking we wouldn’t get enough attention, which ended up being the opposite. In fact, it’s often ShipBob waiting on me to respond.

“I had a misconception that if we worked with ShipBob when our brand was still young, we’d get overlooked since they also work with a lot of really big brands. I’m happy to say that is not the case by any means. We’re given so much attention.”

Torii Rowe, COO & Co-Founder of MANSSION

The old 3PL charged for each pick and pack, wouldn’t take responsibility for any errors they made, and getting orders fulfiled would take up to 20 days in some cases. I’m super happy we switched to ShipBob. We got a fresh start, and it was a very smooth and easy transition.

Manssion jewelryGrowing with a best-in-class fulfilment solution

ShipBob works really well with our tech stack and partners with solutions we use like Klaviyo, Shopify, Gorgias, Route, and Loop Returns.

All returns from Loop just get taken care of with ShipBob. It keeps things very simple for us, and it’s easy to use.

“Bundling in ShipBob is my favourite feature. I can set up bundles quickly and it doesn’t change anything for customers on the front end, nor do I have to go to my packing company or manufacturer. I just link SKUs together in ShipBob and customers can buy 3-4 bracelets in a bundle.”

Torii Rowe, COO & Co-Founder of MANSSION

There were definitely cost savings in moving to ShipBob as the old 3PL charged us for every pick fee, which added up. ShipBob has a simpler approach to pricing with several picks included instead of charging every little fee, which helped us consolidate our logistics costs considerably.

Most of all, ShipBob is consistent and reliable. I know if an order is imported before noon, it will be fulfiled the same day. I don’t have to play the guessing game with ShipBob.

I also appreciate that if they make a mistake, I can reach out to support and it’s not an excuse, but them owning up to it, apologizing, and taking care of it immediately.

manssion jewelryManaging holiday logistics during a global pandemic

Q4 was hard for ecommerce brands between the election (causing ad spend to increase), the pandemic, the couriers being overloaded and overburdened, and other competitive forces and costs.

Speaking with friends who run other brands, including those that do $200 million in annual revenue, I learned they faced the same issues.

“Being with ShipBob this past Q4 went a lot better than most companies experienced. We know some brands still with our old 3PL who struggled a lot. For them, it would take 5-6 days to get orders fulfiled, and they had to cut holiday sales very early.”

Torii Rowe, COO & Co-Founder of MANSSION

We of course experienced some challenges with the holidays and pandemic like every company, but it was a very small percentage in comparison. ShipBob was a great partner to get us through Black Friday and the holidays.

What’s next for MANSSION?

manssion brandThings have not slowed down at all for us since Q4 ended. We’re working hard to stock up inventory for Q2 as we build something special that people can relate to.

We will also continue to expand our brand, get into men’s wearables, and focus on creating a good community that understands what we’re trying to do as a brand. We promise to continue delivering quality, versatile, and unique designs that remind people to be great while looking their best.

Compared to this time last year, our revenue is up 1,000%. And we’re looking forward to our first quarter million dollar month very soon.

With a distributed team across the United States, and a customer base that continues to grow across the globe, ShipBob has helped us tremendously. I’ve been really happy from the get go, and I look forward to growing more with ShipBob over the next few years.

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