Case Study: BRIK Found the Perfect Fit With ShipBob’s Fulfilment and Software

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Decision-making process


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Customer Profile

BRIK creates wall tiles, laptop cases and custom designed BRIKS that are LEGO™ compatible, allowing customers to play with LEGOs™ on their walls, computers, and in other creative ways. Brett Miller and David Dripps founded BRIK in March 2015 with BRIK Books. They quickly realised that people wanted a larger canvas, which led to the launch of BRIK Tile for building LEGOs™ on walls.

Learn about BRIK’s experience as a fast-growing e-commerce company in need of a scalable 3PL provider with best-in-class software.


When BRIK launched in 2015, they managed all inventory and logistics from their own warehouse and shipped their products without any formal method of tracking it. Three weeks before Christmas Day 2015, they started shipping BRIK Tiles.

After quickly selling out of inventory, they began to consider new ways to increase production and even created a larger warehouse.

BRIK’s inventory continued to expand beyond single items and standard kits, as they moved into custom orders. They added a tool to their website called “BRIK Build,” which allows customers to create their own product.

A single custom design may involve 10 different coloured BRIKS, with 100 BRIKS in each colour.

This ‘build your own creation’ offering became very popular, which made distributing orders very complicated. With an increase in demand and a surge of custom creations, BRIK started researching fulfilment centres.

Decision-making process

BRIK looked at several companies in the fulfilment space but found many of their charges, such as pick/pack fees, to be undesirable. Then, one day, BRIK co-founders Brett Miller and David Dripps met with a Venture Capitalist friend of theirs, who introduced them to ShipBob.

BRIK chose ShipBob as their preferred fulfilment partner, because ShipBob is more than just a 3PL – they are a technology company that streamlines the entire supply chain for e-commerce companies. Miller noted, “ShipBob’s technology blows everyone else out of the water, and the backend is just awesome.” In addition to topnotch software, ShipBob’s transparency appealed to the BRIK team.


ShipBob’s full-stack fulfilment solution has had a positive impact on BRIK’s growth. “ShipBob is a critical part of our growing business,” said Miller. “The technology they offer is the real differentiator, and the selling point is the visibility and transparency of the dashboard.”

ShipBob’s software is integrated with leading e-commerce platforms, providing real-time performance metrics to help optimise operations and inventory, in addition to other advanced analytics. Using their network of fulfilment centres, ShipBob automatically manages and fulfils orders from BRIK’s online store.

“Working with ShipBob has allowed us to focus on the important parts of running our business and lets someone else take care of the shipping.”

Brett Miller, CEO, BRIK

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