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No ecommerce business wants to miss out on potential sales, yet many do when they choose not to ship to the US. 

As a UK business, the cost and added complexity of shipping to the US outweighs the potential revenue. Dealing with customs and import fees, long ship times, and international logistics is enough to discourage many businesses. 

But what if, rather than shipping your products to the US from a fulfillment center in the UK, you stored your inventory in a US fulfillment center? That way, you can bulk ship your inventory to a US fulfillment center, and your products can ship from there. ShipBob is a 3PL with a solution even better than that. 

ShipBob has a fulfillment network of distribution centers located in different regions across the US as well as locations in Canada and the EU. This allows you to distribute inventory across multiple fulfillment centers, which reduces shipping costs and speeds up delivery times to customers across new markets. 

Keep reading to see how ShipBob can start fulfilling your international orders. 

How ShipBob helps UK brands

ShipBob helps ecommerce businesses from countries all over the world. One company, Bathrorium, started looking for a 3PL with a strong US presence when they realized shipping to the US would cost about 50% of their average order value

Spending that much money for a shipment that would take a minimum of 7-10 business days to reach the destination in the US would not be an efficient way to grow. Bathorium made the move to ShipBob and doubled their US shipments. 

“We’ve seen a reduction of 70% on shipping costs in the US, which helps keep conversions high. With ShipBob, we can comfortably assign a shipping cost to each order by pinpointing the product weight and destination zip code. It makes it a lot easier to spend marketing dollars when we know exactly what shipping costs are going to be.”

Greg MacDonald, CEO & Founder of Bathorium

3 challenges of international shipping

Businesses shipping internationally face a number of added barriers versus domestic fulfillment. The goods must be legal to ship, the package must pass through customs, and unexpected fees may be incurred, just to name a few. 

Complex logistics

Each country has its own rules, standards, and fees for international shipping (including the US). Internationally shipped packages also require detailed invoices and certificates of origin. Ecommerce businesses must be aware of all these different rules and ensure each package meets the standards of the destination country. 

Longer shipping times

Unsurprisingly, international shipping takes much longer than domestic. It can take as long as a month for a package to reach its destination. Estimating international shipping times is also more difficult because the supply chain is longer and more complex. Customers can grow impatient, so make sure they know how long to expect. 

Customs and duties vary

You may have to pay substantial import fees depending on the country, so make sure these costs are incorporated into the shipping estimate. The customer should be notified of any import duties to prevent any big surprises when they see the shipping cost. 

How ShipBob can help UK businesses reach US customers

Rather than shipping all your US purchases from a London fulfillment center, store your inventory in our fulfillment centers across. the world (USA, Canada, and EU). We have the infrastructure, resources, and expertise to provide cost-effective US fulfillment.

Distributed inventory

There’s already a huge benefit to choosing an international fulfillment center, but distributing your inventory across multiple fulfillment centers gives you an added advantage. With distributed inventory, your products are stored in warehouses all across the US, which reduces shipping zones and the associated costs. Distributed inventory can also get to customers quicker, which is necessary when promising two-day shipping.

Optimized shipping routes

ShipBob’s platform automatically searches the top international mail carriers to find the best rate, and then routes orders to the optimal fulfillment center. We’ve helped many of our customers reduce shipping costs this way. 

International shipping discounts

ShipBob has worked with thousands of ecommerce brands to ship products all over the world. As a result, we have relationships with major shipping carriers and can provide premium shipping bulk discounts for international and domestic shipments. ShipBob’s locations in the USA, Canada, and Europe also make it easier to reduce the barriers to international purchases. 

Order fulfillment services at ShipBob’s US fulfillment centers

ShipBob is an end-to-end ecommerce fulfillment solution, which means that once you sync your online store with our technology and ship your products to our fulfillment centers, we handle everything else. We also provide you with tools to monitor the entire process, so you’re always in the know and can answer any customer questions. 

Inventory and order management

ShipBob’s dashboard is your one-stop destination for all order and inventory information. You can view outstanding orders, check inventory levels, set reorder points, and track packages in real-time.

Pick and pack services

ShipBob is notified when an order is placed. The order is routed to a fulfillment center, and picking lists are generated automatically. Our professionals then prepare the package according to your packing specifications and ship  orders out. 

Dedicated customer support

Any problems with international fulfillment? Our enterprise customers have account managers they contact at any time to get information and solve problems. We also have onsite support reps at each fulfillment center to keep things running smoothly. 

When should I outsource UK fulfillment?

For many UK ecommerce businesses the question isn’t just when to outsource fulfillment, but also if they should fulfill from other parts of the world. There is a tradeoff when revenue is lost from not fulfilling potential US-based orders against the cost and hassle of logistics. If you hire a global fulfillment service like ShipBob then there’s more ease in distribution. We’ve got all the resources in place to streamline retail fulfillment

An international fulfillment provider can: 

  • Reduce fulfillment costs, storage fees, and shipping costs and make local fulfillment more profitable for your business’s bottom line
  • Allow you to deliver packages to customers in new markets faster 
  • Simplify your order and inventory management processes with proprietary software
  • Save you the time and effort of handling fulfillment in-house

If the above fulfillment needs fit with your UK-based ecommerce business, an order fulfillment company can help. Whether you need more scalable ecommerce warehousing, lower shipping rates and fulfillment costs, or a professional inventory management system, ShipBob can help.

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