All top logistics companies are not made the same. When choosing the right logistics company to handle your e-commerce fulfillment, it’s important to consider the differences between service levels, control, and pricing.

The best ecommerce fulfillment provider will scale with your business, offer stellar customer service, turn orders around quickly, and offer additional services such as international shipping, returns management, and more.

For example, ShipBob is a fulfillment provider with multiple fulfillment centers strategically placed across the country, with more locations opening soon. ShipBob works to offer the lowest costs to ship each order while maintaining a high level of customer service.

Unlike other top logistics and fulfillment companies, ShipBob offers a unique pricing structure. Our pricing is designed to be transparent, easy to calculate, and consistent. ShipBob only charges customers for three things: processing products when they arrive at a ShipBob fulfillment center, storing those products, and picking and shipping orders. Everything else is included as a complimentary service, including white-label service, packing supplies, returns management, and more.

ShipBob’s fulfillment services include:

  • Fast onboarding. Get your ShipBob account up and running quickly and easily. Our free software is intuitive to use and available anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Inventory management. Simplify inventory tracking with the click of a button. Our user-friendly central dashboard offers you a bird’s-eye view of your products, orders, sales, and more — no more guessing about when you need to reorder products.
  • Distributed inventory. Take advantage of ShipBob’s network of fulfillment centers across the U.S.. Your products will be closer to your end customer from the outset, increasing customer satisfaction while reducing the cost of shipping.
  • Order management. Our system is updated in near real-time, giving you the information you need to answer customer questions and maintain a high level of customer service.
  • Returns management. ShipBob’s returns process is free and easy. We’ll integrate your products back into our fulfillment centers quickly and allow you to track every step of the process from your dashboard.
  • Bulk discounts. Whether you’re looking for free shipping supplies or a discount on shipping costs, ShipBob has you covered. We have discounted rates with every major shipping company in the U.S. This means that even if you don’t sell hundreds of thousands of orders a month, you’ll have the same shipping prices as though you do.
  • Reliable customer service. We’re here for you day and night to ensure that your fulfillment process is well-managed and under your control. From branding to packaging to customer service, your experience can be completely customized.

When considering top logistics companies, it is important to keep the services that you need in mind. If you are shipping medical supplies, for example, you’ll want to find top logistics companies that are certified to handle your products.

If you’re ready to get started with customized, affordable, and easy-to-use e-commerce fulfillment, contact us today.We’re offering new customers a no-commitment free trial.



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