Shipping fulfillment services refers to weighing a packed box and determining the quickest and most cost-effective shipping method across carriers. Fulfillment shipping services might seem simple, however, determining the best shipping method can be quite complex.

Shipping fulfillment services can range from shipping a standard box from a single company to merchants that sell thousands of different items, each requiring customized packaging and shipping rates. Individual products must be evaluated to determine the best shipping method. Additional requirements can make this calculation even more complex, such as is the item being shipped internationally?

Fulfillment shipping services also include updated order statuses and tracking numbers for the merchant and customer, so they both can track the order as it moves toward delivery.

One of the greatest advantages of using a third-party logistics provider (3PL) to handle your shipping fulfillment needs is that they often negotiate bulking shipping discounts – much lower than what individual merchants could negotiate for their shipments. ShipBob, for example, has discounted rates negotiated with three major U.S. carriers: USPS, UPS, and DHL.

ShipBob automatically calculates the lowest shipping rate accros all carriers to ensure that you always get the best deal. Those savings are always passed onto clients, regardless if they’re shipping 100 or 100,000 packages a month.

ShipBob offers many shipping fulfillment services to clients:

  • Bulk discounts. You get the best deal for every shipment, every time.
  • Two-day shipping. No matter where your customers are in the continental U.S., you can provide service that’s on par with multinational retailers and meet customer expectations for quick deliveries.
  • Same-day turnaround. If an order arrives at any one of ShipBob’s warehouses before 2:00 PM, they will have it out the door the same day, so that you can get your products to your customers faster than ever before.
  • Distributed inventory. Distribute your inventory across any of ShipBob’s strategically located warehouses to store your products closer to where your customers are. This enables faster shipping at a lower cost.
  • Integrated software. ShipBob’s free, cloud-based software integrates seamlessly with all the major e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, Amazon, and WooCommerce. The interface allows you to easily track and update your customers on orders from a central dashboard that’s updated in real-time.
  • White label service. Whether you want to use your own branded packaging or take advantage of ShipBob’s free brown boxes and shipping supplies, ShipBob’s name will never appear on the box outside of the shipping label.
  • Order management. Track packages in real-time and easily answer customer questions.

Fulfillment shipping services are crucial to many successful order fulfillment operations. Nowadays, consumers are accustomed to two-day shipping and will settle for nothing less. Choosing ShipBob allows even the smallest businesses or newest startups the ability to offer services that rival giant national retailers.

Fulfillment experts can decrease shipping rates and ensure a quick, efficient process. They know how to balance cost and delivery times to ensure the best service every time, making it easy to keep your customers happy and your bottom line growing. You no longer have to waste money overly-expensive shipping.

Customer satisfaction matters for every business. Choosing shipping fulfillment services is a great way to improve service and keep customers happy by ensuring the best rates and fastest delivery times.

Sound good? See for yourself how shipping fulfillment services can revolutionize your customer service.

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