Shipping centers are owned by third-party logistics providers, like ShipBob. They offer services, including shipping as part of order fulfilment services along with warehousing, picking, and packing. ShipBob’s shipping centers are integrated with their storage warehouses to ensure a smooth, streamlined order fulfilment process, from the moment they receive inventory until the moment it goes out the door.

Merchants that fulfill hundreds of orders a month will find a lot of value in outsourcing order fulfilment to shipping centers, like ShipBob. Not only are shipping centers designed to be quick and efficient, they will also reduce the number of mis-picks and mis-ships based on their deep experience. This increases customer service and satisfaction.

Shipping centers provide a range of services. The best fit for you will depend on what type of products you sell. For example, some retailers sell products that require special services like international shipping.

Shipping centers will accurately determine the correct shipping rate, delivery schedule, tracking, and carrier for each order. ShipBob automatically provides the best shipping rate available for each order, using three major U.S. carriers: UPS, USPS, and DHL.

Shipping centers are able to offer price breaks on shipping through bulk discounts. ShipBob has negotiated discounted rates with the four major U.S. carriers, and those savings are passed right on to clients, regardless if they’re fulfilling 100 or 100,000 orders a month.

ShipBob offers many benefits through their shipping centers:

  • Discounted shipping rates. It doesn’t matter how many orders you ship a month, you can take advantage of the bulk discounts that have been pre-negotiated for you.
  • Two-day shipping. Today’s customers expect fast and accurate shipping. With ShipBob, you can compete on the same level as national retailers.
  • Same-day shipping. ShipBob turns orders around quickly. They strive to get orders out the door as quickly as possible.
  • Distributed inventory. ShipBob has several warehouses across the country to store your products closer to your end customer. Not only does this speed up delivery times, but it reduces shipping distance and fees. A win-win.
  • Sophisticated software. ShipBob’s software is cloud-based, easy to use, and free. You can be onboarded and ready to go in 15 minutes or less. All the information you need is in a central location and updated in real-time. Whether you want to run an advanced report on your inventory or update a customer on their order status, it’s quick and easy to find what you need.
  • Branded packaging. The unboxing experience is integral to the branding process. If you have branded packaging you want to use, ShipBob lets you use it. They will happily pack your products into your own branded box, so that your customers will see your name front and center – not ShipBob’s.
  • Order management. Does your customer have a question? Get the information from a central location that’s updated in real-time. Anything you need to know about an order will be there.

Shipping centers can eliminate several administrative tasks that you and your employees spend a lot of time on. Instead, you can focus on more important things, like supporting your customers or developing new products.

ShipBob wants to make it a reality for you to offer the same service as multi-national retailers. With their shipping centers, you can offer your customers two-day shipping with same day turnaround.

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