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The Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales Growth Battleground

For thousands of ecommerce brands, Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend makes up more than half of their revenue made for the year.

So the question is, how do you ensure you’re prepared for the weekend-long battle ahead for the share of holiday shoppers’ wallets?

We’ve pulled in some of the leading minds in the ecommerce space to provide you with proven BFCM tactics to help you win, profit and grow.

What You’ll Learn in the Session:

– How to ensure customer’s orders are shipped accurately

– Revenue driving loyalty strategies to implement during BFCM

– Tactical BFCM retargeting campaigns that drive sales

– 3 big holiday billing issues and protecting your store in 5mins

– BFCM email marketing strategies you haven’t thought about

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  • Estimate of how many orders you ship per month.