Pick and pack order fulfillment is a core service that ShipBob offers, processing small to large quantities of products for their clients. Employees ‘pick’ or choose the relevant products for an order from their respective and specific locations in their warehouses. These items are then packaged into the appropriate box or boxes with the proper documentation and shipping label.

Pick and pack fulfillment needs to run smoothly to reduce the cost of order fulfillment, as well as the chance of picking or packing errors (to ensure a package arrives safely to the end customer). ShipBob has optimized these processes to reduce the amount of time that their employees spend working on each order.

Because of ShipBob’s efficiency and accuracy, they are able to charge their clients less money. In fact, they only charge when three things happen:

  1. When they first receive the product to process and place it in the warehouses.
  2. The length of time the product is stored.
  3. When the product is shipped out.

Besides those three fees, all of ShipBob’s other services are free – from returns management to packing supplies. This also includes discounted shipping rates with every single major U.S. carrier for every order.

For pick and pack to be effective, products must be catalogued to note their specific location right down to the bin number. This allows employees to accurately pick a product among thousands of other products within thousands of square feet in a warehouse.

Once an order has been picked, it is then packed. Packing can range from a small one-item order to complex or large items, like furniture. ShipBob’s software capabilities help warehouse employees determine the best-sized box to fit orders in as few packages as possible. This keeps shipping costs low and reduces the chance of any damage.

The final step of order fulfillment is shipping. Once an order is packed, an employee will need to generate a shipping label. ShipBob automatically calculates the best rate for each package to ensure that their clients don’t pay more for shipping than they have to.

Many online merchants find value in outsourcing pick and pack services, particularly once their order volume increases to a hundred or more orders a week. Outsourcing these tasks increases storage space and reduces the need to spend time on administrative tasks for employees. Merchants also find that their cost per order fulfilled decreases once it’s outsourced.

ShipBob offers a wide range of services to its clients:

  • Fast and easy onboarding. You can get set up and ready to go in 15 minutes or less with ShipBob’s software.
  • Inventory management. Running out of product is a balancing act for merchants, however, with ShipBob, you’ll don’t have to worry. They make it easy to track inventory levels across their fulfillment centers, so you know when you need to order more products. ShipBob even sends low inventory notifications, giving plenty of time to restock.
  • Distributed inventory. With a network of warehouses across the country, you can split your inventory to keep products at a closer distance to your customers, reducing shipping costs and delivery times. ShipBob’s warehouses can even serve as a backup to fulfill orders for one another, in case you run out of inventory in any one location.
  • Order management. Track orders in real-time as they move through the fulfillment process at any of ShipBob’s warehouses. They also include tracking numbers, so both you and your customers can track deliveries.
  • White label service. Whether you want to use your own branded packaging or ShipBob’s free plain brown boxes, packages won’t have our name printed anywhere but the shipping label.
  • Free packing supplies. In addition to free plain brown boxes, ShipBob also offers free packing supplies, including boxes, filling materials, shipping labels, and tape.
  • World-class service. With ShipBob, you have a partner – not just another vendor. They are committed to your success and will grow with you. You can get in touch with customer success at any time.

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