Pick and pack fulfillment is a core service offered by third-party logistics providers. This service entails processing small to large quantities of product so that employees can choose or ‘pick’ the relevant products for an order. These items are then packaged into a box with the appropriate documentation and label, including address and shipping information.

For pick and pack fulfillment to run smoothly, inventory needs to be on hand, in stock, and easily accessible. It can be difficult to have all of these aspects optimized at all times. Most warehouses, including any of ShipBob’s fulfillment centers, include the exact location of a product down to the bin number to ensure that warehouse employees can quickly and accurately pick a product from a warehouse, especially given their size of thousands of square feet and large number of customers.

Once a product is picked, it must be packed. If you only sell one small-sized item, like a keychain, this process can be very easy. There is a wide variety of products that are more difficult to pack, like large furniture. Regardless of the item, it needs to be packed securely to reduce the chance of damage during transit.

Once packed, a shipping label needs to generated and attached to the package. ShipBob, for example, automatically compares prices between the four largest carriers in the U.S. to ensure that clients get the best rate, for every package. They’ve negotiated bulk discount prices with USPS, UPS, and DHL to be able to pass the savings onto customers.

For many retailers, the pick and pack fulfillment process becomes overwhelming once they are self-fulfilling a few hundred orders a week. Not only is the space required to store all inventory and packing supplies amplified significantly as sales increase, but the time it takes to package and manage it all drains a lot of staff resources as well.

At this stage of a growing business, most merchants will find value in outsourcing their order fulfillment process to a third-party logistics provider, like ShipBob. Outsourcing pick and pack fulfillment allows companies to ship items out sooner, reduce the time staff spend completing administrative tasks, decrease the number of picking and packing errors, and ultimately scale with ease.

ShipBob offers a wide range of services to clients:

  • Fast onboarding. Get set up in less than 15 minutes.
  • Inventory management. Keep track of all products in real-time using a central dashboard. You can also offer your customers seamless service by never running out of a product again with timely reminders about low inventory levels.
  • Distributed inventory. ShipBob has multiple warehouses across the country, with many more to come. You can distribute your products across the country so they are closer to your customers, to reduce shipping times and rates and get your products to your customers faster. This allows even small businesses to compete on the level of national retailers, in terms of offering two-day shipping.
  • Order management. Want to know where an order is in the fulfillment process? ShipBob’s central dashboard is updated in real-time to make answering customers’ questions quick and easy.
  • White label service. Are you in love with your branded packaging? Good news! You don’t have to give it up. ShipBob offers white label service. You can always keep your brand front and center by using your own branded boxes. Packages won’t have our name printed anywhere but the shipping label.
  • Free packing supplies. ShipBob also offers free packing supplies, including plain brown boxes – without the ShipBob name on them.
  • World-class service. ShipBob not only specializes in order fulfillment, but also in customer service. Help is available no matter when you need it, day or night.

ShipBob’s software seamlessly integrates with all major e-commerce software to ensure a smooth order process for you and your customers. Once an order rolls in, ShipBob immediately begins the pick and pack fulfillment process.

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