Automate over 50% of Ecommerce customer support with Yuma AI

We are building the first orchestration platform to deploy AI Support Agents dedicated to customer service and merchants at scale. Our main focus is to equip these AI Agents with the same capabilities that human support agents have, delivering an ever-increasing support automation rate to merchants (our customers automate up to 50% of all support tickets). Think Devin for support in e-commerce.

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True Automation

Yuma goes beyond basic AI bots and automated Q&A. We understand that many tickets require actual actions that are mostly performed by human agents, which is why we’ve built Yuma to be able to autonomously take action.

Our AI Agents are capable of following custom processes and performing tasks 100% autonomously such as: Managing orders, Managing subscriptions, Managing customer accounts, Troubleshooting, and a lot more.

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Unparalleled Support

With Yuma, you have the flexibility to begin at your own pace by automating the most common requests first. Afterwards, we can monitor your progress and continue improving. We offer dedicated support throughout the implementation process and onwards. We understand that AI is new and we are want to walk with you through the whole journey.

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GPT Power with Full Control

We leverage the latest advancements in AI and machine learning to deliver a solution that’s both personalized and scalable. Yuma enables e-commerce businesses to automate a significant portion of all support tickets (up to 50% for top customers), from handling routine requests to executing complex tasks autonomously.

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Made for E-commerce

Yuma is built for e-commerce businesses and is trusted by a growing number of merchants worldwide, delivering significant ROI through reduced response times, increased customer satisfaction, and higher sales.

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Detailed Automation Dashboard

Monitor your automation rate and identify optimization opportunities with an intuitive dashboard. Our customers often use the dashboard to share the impact with the whole company.

After testing various AI CX automation tools and spending over $20,000, Yuma has emerged as the superior choice for us. Its ability to accurately handle customer inquiries has allowed us to discontinue using several solutions from Gorgias Automate in favour of Yuma. Today, we’re at 45% full automation (and growing).

Augustus Wiesel

CEO at MFI Medical

Yuma was frankly the only team that we met again, after the initial call. We were blown away by Yuma’s product in contrast to our previous provider and we were promised a 1 or 2 days turn around for support. I’ll be honest, I have heard that before and did not entirely buy it first. However, in just the first month or two I was so amazed by the product and the team’s support that all my worries disappeared.

Gabe Walker

Customer Service Manager at Clove

This year, our ticket volume increased from 4000 to over 10,000 tickets per month. By using Yuma, we were able to automate 32% of our tickets in just 2 months, resulting in a 51% decrease in first response time. Yuma is user-friendly and allows us to create new automation scenarios independently. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to enhance customer service productivity.


Founder & CMO at MyVariations

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