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Combine Shopify store data with the tools and channels you love to create a single source of insight. Tydo helps you keep a pulse on your business and reach your goals with comprehensive reports, data visualizations, and insights.

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Store Overview

Store Overview empowers you to dive into the most important ecommerce metrics, all in one screen. Discover what’s working and what’s not by looking at the raw numbers as well as engaging data visualizations. And, choose from a variety of date ranges, so you can see metrics over the time frame that works for you.

Email Reports

Email Reports make it possible to keep a pulse on your store from anywhere—we deliver your data directly to you. There’s no need to manually pull data or write a single line of code. You can set up Emails Reports directly in the Tydo Platform. Each report includes Tydo’s Summary : Sales, Total Orders, AOV, Blended CAC, Blended ROAS, Total Ad Spend.

Free library of 25+ metrics

We worked with Sharma Brands, Ramp, Structured, Loop Returns, Blink SEO, Smile.io, and Ecocart to curate additional collections of metrics for various functions of your business.

Add any of these curated metric collections to your Email Report for free!

Email Reports is like the daily Morning Brew email for your business.

Nik Sharma

CEO, Sharma Brands

ShipBob Partners

ShipBob + Tydo

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