Snap36 is revolutionizing the product information industry by providing high-quality, interactive, 3D/360° content, enabling brands and retailers to increase trust and transparency with consumers throughout the online shopping experience.

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Snap36 Brand & Studio Overview

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Creating consumer trust

Consumers want the same experience online from brands and retailers as they get in a store. When people can interact with 360°/3D product images, they feel more confident in their purchase decision and loyal to a brand, leading them to buy more and return less.

Your products will sell themselves

While detailed product data is informative, 360° / 3D imagery is proven to be the most influential type of product content that drives conversions, increases top-line sales, and decreases product returns.

Customers drive the experience

360° imagery gives customers the freedom to interact with products online as if they were making the purchase in person. In turn, these interactions provide companies with insight as to which aspects of products are most important to customers.

Touch once, use everywhere

If you’re taking a product off the shelf, why not get everything you need in one shot? 360° imagery comes in many formats, including the static images and appropriate file names that companies need to repurpose it in all of their marketing and sales channels.

Ship us your products, we'll do the rest

Our 42,000 sq. ft Chicago studio is the perfect solution for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers looking to outsource product imagery or supplement their in-house studio.

We'll bring our studio to you

Snap36 removes the logistical hassle of shipping products by bringing our studio to your facility. Oftentimes, this is the most efficient and affordable way to deploy 360° / 3D spin photography to meet your brand requirements.

Own best-in-class equipment

Whether you’re looking to deploy spin or automate your own studio, our robotic equipment and workflow software enables your team to capture more products in less time.

ShipBob + Snap36

Our workflow software and robotic equipment seamlessly integrate to capture 24, 48, or 72 images of a product in 90 seconds. Companies can easily repurpose 360° product imagery across all marketing and sales channels, including websites, catalogs, sales tools, social media, email, and print campaigns.

The output of the 360° photography process is a sequence of still images, usually high-resolution JPGs. Upon delivery, the inventory of product images is consistent, complete, and accessible throughout internal departments.

360° product imagery gives customers the confidence they’re purchasing the right product, the first time. This content has been proven to be the most influential data point for online shoppers when deciding to purchase. 360° product imagery is also optimized for all mobile devices, allowing the customer to drive the experience at the touch of their fingertips.

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