Delight customers, accelerate growth, and build brand loyalty post-purchase.

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Returnly features

Returnly provides brands with the tools they need to scale returns management, offer the best customer experiences and get better ROI from product returns. With Returnly, shoppers can easily exchange or return products online, receiving an instant credit to buy again right away. Returnly guarantees all repurchases and settles with merchants in real-time, taking on 100% of the risk.

Returns management

Manage returns at scale with the most powerful and flexible returns management tools in online commerce.

Returns analytics

Leverage advanced reporting to close the loop on your customer’s post-purchase journey.

Order tracking

Bridge the gap between cart conversion and package delivery with fully brandable order tracking.

Self-serve returns

Let your customers help themselves with all their product return needs with a fully hosted, brandable, self-service returns portal.

Instant store credit

Turn returns into repurchases by giving eligible customers credit to buy again before returning their original items.

Live exchanges

Empower customers with self-service exchanges that ship instantly.

Returnly + ShipBob

The integration between ShipBob and Returnly allows ecommerce merchants to seamlessly connect their platforms, sync their return merchandise authorization data, and automatically process returns and refunds from their ShipBob dashboard, making refunds painless for shoppers and merchants alike. The quick setup to integrate the two platforms requires no developer work, making it easier than ever for to automate returns.

ShipBob Returnly

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