Automate returns, warranties and reduce refunds.

ReturnLogic is transforming the way teams manage returns, helping high-growth ecommerce brands automate, gain visibility, and optimize product returns and operations to scale their stores while improving margins and profitability.

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Improve Accuracy & Reduce Errors

Seamlessly integrate with ShipBob to know the real-time status of every return so no information slips through the cracks.

Make Customers Happier

Speed up your customers’ returns process, and give them the most up-to-date information on their return status.

Automate Returns and Warranty Workflows

Save time and operational costs with a fully integrated and automated returns solution.

All Plans Include All Features + Lifetime Support

With ReturnLogic you get the tools and support you need to automate and control everything about your returns process.

Bring all of your return types into one self-service portal, including refunds, exchanges, gift, and warranties (even third-party warranties).

A Data-Driven Approach to Returns

ReturnLogic’s approach to returns is continuous improvement strategies that use returns data to enhance the shopper experience, improve operational efficiency, and grow profits.

Reduce Refunds with Bonus Credit

Encourage shoppers towards an exchange, over a refund by offering additional (Bonus Credit) dollars to their total exchange amount.

Before ReturnLogic, we weren’t capturing the granular data that we could use to better analyze and make improvements to our returns process. We were losing data, so we did not have a full picture of what was actually happening with our returns.

Ecommerce Manager at C-IN2

Sam dela Cruz

We used to go back and forth with shoppers, copy and paste warranties into Zendesk, and even had to hire someone’s spouse to help with the summer rush of warranties. With ReturnLogic, we can automate warranties and make sure requests are legitimate.

Head of Customer Service at goodr

Ashley Craft

Our customers love it. They like the ability to start a return on their own, and not have to go back-and-forth with us. We used to get weekly or even daily complaints about returns. Now we don’t get any. Even visually, it’s much better for our customers.

Squid Socks

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