QuadPay is an alternative payment provider that allows brands to give their customers the opportunity to split their purchases into four interest-free, automatic installments. The customer gets the product straight away and we pay the merchant upfront.

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At QuadPay, our goal is to transform the way shoppers pay for their purchases. We believe in choice and in giving shoppers the freedom and flexibility to manage their purchases in the way that best suits their finances.

Customers pay in 4 interest-free installments

Shoppers receive the product immediately

Merchants get paid upfront

An easy way to pay

Customers love us because we’re a payment solution that suits their lifestyles. For the more than 50% of millennials that don’t have a credit card, we help their cash go further with no strings attached, making aspirational fashion brands far more accessible. Merchants love us because our platform dramatically increases customer loyalty, AoV, conversion and, most importantly, total sales.