At Mohawk, our mission is to make your supply chain as simple, reliable, and cost effective as possible. Give us your challenges and we’ll transform them into solutions.

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Supply chain solutions

Our team is made up of logistics and trade specialists who are highly experienced in customs brokerage, domestic and international transportation, trade compliance, education, and consulting. We have the knowledge and experience to confidently answer all your logistics questions.


We offer transportation, customs brokerage, cargo insurance and everything else you need to ensure your cargo moves across the globe on time, cost effectively and worry-free.

Customs brokerage

Mohawk Global has the knowledge and experience to make sure your entries are compliant with all government requirements.


Even with vast national and global networks, Mohawk recognizes that the most valuable resources in logistics are people and knowledge. Through our consulting branch, Mohawk Global Trade Advisors, we offer both.


Moving your goods from point A to point B can be a complex process, but the solution is simple. As your supply chain partner, Mohawk Global gives you a single point of contact to handle everything from start to finish.


Track your shipments, generate reports, and much more with GlobalLink.

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