Maximize Conversions: Leverage Lucky Orange’s Powerful Analytics

Lucky Orange offers cutting-edge analytics and feedback tools designed to elevate website performance and maximize conversion rates. Our comprehensive suite includes behavior tracking, heatmaps, and real-time analytics, enabling businesses to understand user behavior, optimize the customer journey, and drive sales through actionable insights.

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See what’s stopping people from converting

Watch a visitor navigate your site using Lucky Orange Session Recordings. See firsthand where visitors click, how they complete forms and track key events.

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A heatmap as dynamic as your website

See which parts of a page drive conversions and which get in people’s way with Lucky Orange Dynamic Heatmaps. Study clicks and scrolls around forms, popups and menus and segment to see which types of website visitors behave differently.

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Interview your website visitors

Get real, honest feedback about your website, products or ideas. Use our simple survey builder to as one or multiple questions to your website visitors.

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Let’s chat about it

Use Lucky Orange Chat and its collaboration tools to deliver world-class customer support. You can also use Use Live View while chatting to see what customers see to give the best possible real-time support.

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Let visitors know what’s up

Share important news or promotions using Lucky Orange Announcements. Place a sticker or lightbox placement to meet your style.

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Conversion Funnel analysis made easy

Spot areas where you’re losing visitors throughout their journey on your site.

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