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Inventory Planner launched in 2012 to help eCommerce merchants save time and money when purchasing inventory to better meet customer demand. Inventory Planner supports merchants as they grow to see information from all of their sales channels. Merchants use Inventory Planner’s replenishment recommendations and assist with inventory planning, forecasting, reporting, and purchase order creation.

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Customized Forecasting

Prioritize what needs to be ordered and adjust forecast methods for seasonal or trendy items. Plan for upcoming promotions to optimize levels of inventory available during BFCM and Q4 sales.

Create Purchase Orders

Easily create purchase orders based on inventory forecasts. Email vendors directly from Inventory Planner and see what is ordered and what is received across multiple sales channels and warehouses.

Gain Business Insights

Create a purchasing budget and plan cash flow using Open-to-Buy (OTB) planning. Compare product lines, brands, and suppliers to see financial trends in your business. Identify overstock to help you free up needed cash.

Daily Low Stock Alerts

Set alert levels for your entire store or for each product so that you know when to order. Detail lead time by vendor and variant to ensure you avoid missed revenue.

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I use this APP to combine our sales and inventory from a few different platforms, I did like the replenishment and forecast feature as it made replenishment and forecast so much easier and saved lots time for us. I would recommend IP to whoever needs help with inventory replenishment and sales forecast. If this app has more features on production planning, it would be even better.

Lina An,

Supply Chain Coordinator Grobo

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