Packaging engineered to help your ecommerce business grow.

Your packaging should be an extension of your product and a value add to your brand, not a cost. We design all our packaging with the unique challenges of ecommerce in mind; from creating a great unboxing and first impression to being 100% recyclable and filler material free, all our packaging is UPS Ground tested to handle the abuses of shipping.

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UPS Ground Tested

Creating a beautifully printed box really doesn’t matter much if your products arrive broken, right? Durability is at the forefront of all our designs. We engineer over and above normal handling to make sure breakage and damage claims don’t consume your team’s time. All our packaging far exceeds ISTA testing standards to make sure your products make it from A to B safely.

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No Filler Materials – 100% Recyclable/Compostable

Ditch the bubble wrap and plastic fillers. Designed to safely ship without the need for filler materials like bubble wrap, packing peanuts, air bladders, etc. Create a better unboxing experience without the plastics and loose garbage floating around your products.

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Your First Impression, Perfected

Make your packaging an extension of your product and brand. You spent considerable time and resources perfecting your product – make the first impression your customer has reflect the quality of your brand.

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Custom Packaging and Custom Print

Great packaging isn’t just about having great printing. We do the homework to make sure your shipping costs are as low as possible while creating a box that can handle even the harshest delivery drivers. But once we’ve created your perfect box, we’ll help make sure you have the perfect branding to wow your customers for their unboxing.

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Low Minimums, Fast Lead Times

On a deadline? Need as few as 1,000 units? We’re ready to create the perfect packaging for you and your business.

I trust no other packaging with my candles! My customers love the presentation and the fact that it is eco friendly! Folding them together? A snap!

Julie M.

Owner at Little Mountain Home

We’ve been having trouble with breakage using traditional cardboard boxes and paper wadding to protect the jars. This has been a game changer. Not only is it quicker for us to pack, but we haven’t had a single breakage complaint.

Rob H.

Owner of Amber Vale Home

I am OVER THE MOON about these boxes! Having anxiously awaited their arrival for some time, I just finished testing my samples and had zero breakage, zero issues, and very positive feedback on the overall look and security of them from customers! Can’t wait to ditch the packing paper now that these are available.


Owner of Tulsa Candle Company

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