Crowd Ox helps crowdfunding project creators increase funding, manage their campaigns, and save time. Take a load off and let them do the heavy lifting.

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Manage your pledges

Crowd Ox lets you manage all your campaign data in a single location, saving you time and allowing you to focus on the parts of your project you love.

Dynamic surveys

Run backers through a mobile friendly, customizable survey that lets backers review and finalize their pledges.

Order management

Granular filter segmentation allows you to segment backers, run partial exports, manage inventories, and view orders for each individual backer.

Sell upgrades and extras

Our surveys have a variety of ways to raise additional funding by selling reward level upgrades and extras.

Accept preorders

Turn on a preorder store as soon as your campaign ends to keep the funding going and accept late backers.

Address verification

Help prevent lost or returned packages by verifying your backers’ addresses beforehand.

Export anywhere

We have robust, segmented data exports for nearly every third party shipping provider available.

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