Order fulfillment services can be invaluable for e-commerce businesses of all sizes. Fulfillment centers let online merchants outsource warehousing, picking, packing, and shipping orders. For companies without a warehouse to store inventory, order fulfillment services can reduce time investment, staffing needs, and storage space as well as increase customer satisfaction.

Order fulfillment services can vary across providers. Here’s a list of services that ShipBob offers its customers:

  • Fast onboarding. ShipBob offers onboarding in 15 minutes flat.
  • Distributed inventory. Store your inventory in strategically placed warehouses across the country to decrease ship times and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Inventory status. Track your inventory in real-time and get notifications when your inventory begins to run low.
  • Order management. The dashboard offers real-time tracking, allowing your customer service representatives to update customers and answer questions with confidence.
  • Contact management. Manage, export, and communicate with your customers from within the dashboard.
  • Multiple users. Add employees and let them access the information they need.
  • Returns management. Returns are quick and easy with ShipBob. The returns process is designed to get your products back into the supply chain as soon as possible.
  • Discounted shipping. ShipBob negotiates volume discounts with the major carriers (including DHL, UPS, and UPSP) to get the best rates around for customers.
  • Dedicated account manager. ShipBob provides an account manager who is dedicated to your supply chain to keep things running smoothly.
  • Free packing materials. ShipBob doesn’t charge you extra for packing supplies.
  • White label service. You can use your own custom branded boxes or take advantage of ShipBob’s free plain brown boxes. Either way, packages won’t have our name printed anywhere but the shipping label.
  • World-class support. ShipBob is here for you. It’s as simple as that.

Order fulfillment services can streamline your inventory management, customer service, and distribution channels. ShipBob helps ensure that you don’t oversell products and also helps prevent stockouts, with the help of timely low inventory notifications.

Order fulfillment services can also reduce the number of mis-picks and mis-ships. You didn’t get into business to pack boxes, did you? Leave it up to the experts. ShipBob employees are dedicated to packing and shipping the right inventory the first time.

Reduce shipping expenses and times, and increase customer satisfaction.

No one likes to pay shipping costs. Order fulfillment services – especially distributed inventory – can reduce both shipping costs as well as shipping times. ShipBob automatically negotiates bulk discounts with all the major carriers in a way that individual customers cannot. Additionally, storing inventory in warehouses across the country creates ideal shipping hubs to reduce shipping times from longer than a week to only two days.

Another benefit of distributed inventory is that if demand for inventory spikes in one particular area of the country, the other distribution centers can step in as needed to share inventory or fulfill orders to reduce fulfillment times for customers.

Order fulfillment services can reduce expenses and time investments for any e-commerce business, whether it’s a startup, small business, or global enterprise. Choosing a fulfillment center like ShipBob that’s an expert in packing and shipping increases efficiency, which is how they offer low prices for comprehensive services.

Order fulfillment services help businesses take control of the shipping process from A to Z. Companies that choose ShipBob are no longer forced to pay high shipping fees to get items to customers in a timely manner. Even small businesses can take advantage of low shipping contracts and distributed warehouses across the country to bring their customers service that rivals massive enterprises.

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