If you’re looking for an LA fulfillment center to outsource fulfillment for your online store, consider ShipBob. ShipBob’s e-commerce order fulfillment services are available to merchants around the world, from Los Angeles to Europe and back again! ShipBob owns both our logistics software and all of our fulfillment centers, making us uniquely positioned to help e-commerce companies of all sizes save time, money, and hassle by outsourcing and automating order fulfillment.

Why should you outsource fulfillment to an LA fulfillment center?

Outsourcing fulfillment may be right for your business if…

  • You are an e-commerce business shipping more than 100 orders per month
  • You spend several hours a week packing boxes and shipping orders
  • You don’t have time for strategic projects such as product development and marketing
  • You are running out of space to store inventory or are spending too much on an inventory storage solution
  • You are selling through an e-commerce platform such as Shopify, BigCommerce, or WooCommerce
  • You don’t want to or can’t invest in the warehousing, labor, etc. necessary to build a distribution infrastructure

If any of the above apply to your e-commerce store, it might be time to outsource your order fulfillment! ShipBob’s network of strategically located fulfillment centers in several major US cities allows our clients to save time and money while offering fast, affordable shipping to their customers.

Why should you choose ShipBob?

The ShipBob-owned network of fulfillment centers, including our LA fulfillment center, allows ShipBob clients to strategically distribute their inventory across the United States. This helps e-commerce merchants fulfill orders more quickly and affordably by already storing inventory close to a larger percentage of US customers. Orders can be shipped from the fulfillment center closest to your end customers, which saves both you and your customers time and money on shipping.

ShipBob also offers real-time inventory and order management through our dashboard. It’s easy to track inventory levels for all of your SKUs in our Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Dallas, or LA fulfillment center. You can even set up automated notifications to alert you when it’s time to send us additional inventory for a certain product. This can help ensure that your customers never experience the dreaded “Out of Stock” message!

When it comes to order management, you can track the entire fulfillment process in the LA fulfillment center in real time, from picking, to packing, to shipping. Whether you need to look up customer information, pull up order metrics, or track the picking, packing, and shipping of a package, the ShipBob dashboard makes it easy to do so. In addition, ShipBob integrates with Shopify, BigCommerce, Squarespace, and more major e-commerce platforms. Your orders will automatically sync from your online store to the ShipBob dashboard, automating your order fulfillment and saving you time and money.

Finally, at ShipBob, we strive to help all e-commerce companies keep up with rising customer expectations, including increasing demand for 2-day shipping. ShipBob’s network of fulfillment centers allows our clients to offer 2-day shipping to customers across the continental United States. This helps businesses just like yours keep up with the biggest online retailers and offer quick, affordable shipping that will keep your customers satisfied with and loyal to your store.

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