Welcome to the ShipBob Growth Plan

Follow the steps below to get started in as little as 15 minutes! If you have any questions along the way please contact [email protected] or join our onboarding team at one of our weekly Live Account Basics sessions!

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First Steps:

  • Review your pricing
  •  Integrate your ecommerce store
  • Send your inventory to ShipBob

We really care about your experience with ShipBob! Please review all pricing information before sending any inventory to our fulfillment centers. Teamwork makes the dream work!

1. Receiving Fee

The $25 fee covers the first two hours of processing your inbound shipment. Additional fees apply if more than two hours is required or if our Warehouse Receiving Order instructions are not followed.

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Watch our video to learn more about our receiving and storage fees.

2. Storage

We store each SKU separately to ensure accurate picking when we ship out your orders. Review our storage information to determine how many locations your inventory may require.

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Watch our video to learn more about our Billable Weight Calculator

3. Total Fulfillment Cost

Use our Billable Weight Calculator to help estimate your total fulfillment cost.

Pro Tip! Your fulfillment cost is made up of three main factors: Billable Weight, Shipping Zone, and Shipping Option.

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ShipBob offers simple, transparent pricing with no hidden fees.

Use the calculator below to estimate what it would cost to ship a product to your customer. Please login to your ShipBob Pricing page to view your exact costs.

Account Setup With ShipBob

Great! Now that you have pricing information all that’s left is to integrate and configure your account settings!

1. Intro to ShipBob

2. Initial Account Setup

3. Post-Inventory Setup

4. Account Review & Go Live

Growth Plan FAQs

These are some of our more popular FAQs. We understand the needs of each merchant can vary, so we ask that you please review our Help Center to confirm you’re onboard with our policies and procedures before sending your inventory to ShipBob.

I understand this is a free self onboarding program, but what if I want to work with a dedicated specialist?

Merchants interested in working with a Growth Plan Implementation Specialist are encouraged to learn more about our paid Growth Plan Premium Onboarding option.

Can you confirm the requirements before I ship my product to your fulfillment center?

  1. You are shipping under 400 shipments/month
  2. Have no more than 50 products – this includes any size/color variation.
  3. Have products that weigh under 50lbs
  4. Your items dimensions are all under 48 inches
  5. Your item is not on our ShipBob Prohibited and Restricted Items Policy.

Do my items need to arrive with a barcode?

We require that all apparel items arrive individually bagged and individually barcoded.

We recommend barcodes for everything else. Learn more about our barcode requirements here.

Can I send inventory from my manufacturer/supplier/Amazon directly to you?

We require that all inbound inventory arrives with a physical copy of the WRO. If your manufacturer/supplier/amazon is unable to meet these requirements then we cannot accept this inventory and all packages will be considered Unidentified Receiving Orders. These will be subject to additional delays and fees. Learn more about Unidentified Receiving Orders.

What happens if Shipbob fulfills my order incorrectly?

We do our best to fulfill every order as perfectly as we can at all times. However, we are human and, on occasion, we do make mistakes! For any such error, we want to ensure that we provide a remedy for the mistake and come to a swift resolution. Please view our Operations Errors Policies to learn more.

This all sounds too good, what’s the catch?

We understand that you’re as excited as us to get started, but we ask that you please review ShipBob’s Turnaround Times, Policies, and SLAs and Understand Product Limitations and Restrictions before sending any inventory to ShipBob. We recommend joining our Live Onboarding Sessions to speak with onboarding team and have any outstanding questions answered.

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