Fulfillment shipping is the product of weighing a packed box and determining the fastest and most cost-effective shipping method and carrier. Fulfillment shipping ranges in complexity, from simple shipments when online merchants send a small number of the same product to more complicated orders, with various products of different shapes and sizes. Each of these unique products must be evaluated to determine the correct shipping method. Additional requirements like hazardous materials or international shipping can further complicate the process.

Fulfillment shipping should also encompass updating the order status and tracking numbers to both the merchant and customer. It is important for both parties to be able to track the delivery of an order.

Many fulfillment centers will negotiate bulk shipping rates with major carriers. ShipBob has negotiated the lowest rates with each of the following U.S. carriers: USPS, UPS, and DHL. ShipBob’s fulfillment shipping automatically calculates the lowest offered rate from each carrier to determine which carrier will offer the best service at the lowest rate for all customers, regardless of their volume of shipments.

ShipBob offers its customers many shipping advantages.

  • Bulk discounts. Whether you ship 20 products or 20,000, you’ll receive the same discount. ShipBob automatically passes the savings onto you.
  • Two-day shipping. Meet customer expectation and compete with national retailers with super fast delivery times.
  • Same-day shipping. If an order arrives at a ShipBob warehouse before 2:00 PM, it can be out the door to your customer the same day.
  • Distributed inventory. Reduce the cost and transit time of shipping by putting your products closer to your end customer.
  • Central dashboard. Tracking inventory, manage orders, and update customers from one central dashboard. ShipBob’s software lets you easily run reports and save them for later, and drill down and gain deep insights with advanced reporting.
  • Branded packaging. Part of the unboxing process is an important part of your branding, and ShipBob gets that. Whether you want to use your own branded packing or ShipBob’s free plain brown boxes, ShipBob’s brand stays out of the limelight, allowing your name to be front and center.
  • Order management. ShipBob updates the order status and tracking number of a package in real-time, so you can answer any customer questions.

Fulfillment shipping is a critical aspect of the fulfillment process. Customers want nothing less than fast and accurate shipping. Providing service that’s on par with national retailers will set you apart and make it more likely that customers will return to purchase more products from you.

Fulfillment shipping may seem simple at first glance, but it can be difficult to find both the best price and best service. With a number of factors that affect the final shipping rate, it is important to have experts that know how to balance delivery times with shipping costs.

Fulfillment centers are built to process a high volume of orders quickly. They can turn your orders around rapidly, with a high level of accuracy. Fulfillment centers often reduce the rate of mis-picks and mis-ships, reducing the likelihood of having frustrated customers. They can also help avoid stockouts by notifying you when a product begins to run low.

Customer satisfaction is important for every business. Acquiring new customers is significantly more expensive and challenging than customer retention and getting repeat customers. Investing in a partnership with ShipBob is a great way to create a high standard of service to keep your customers coming back again and again.

For rapidly growing businesses, a third-party logistics provider can simplify fulfillment shipping, reduce the associated cost, and increase customer satisfaction.

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