A fulfillment company enables online merchants to outsource warehousing, picking, packing, and shipping orders. Where merchant fulfillment can be time-consuming and inefficient, using a company like ShipBob will help you handle high volumes of product in tight turnaround times. When an order is placed on your website, we will automatically pick, pack, and ship the order to the customer without merchant involvement.

ShipBob offers its customers discounted shipping rates with two-day shipping within the continental United States. Now, even startups and small businesses can offer services like national retail giants. ShipBob works with all major U.S. carriers like USPS, UPS, and DHL to provide the best shipping prices to customers, passing savings onto them.

  • Inventory management. ShipBob makes it easy to track inventory in real-time through a central dashboard. ShipBob also offers notifications when inventory gets low to ensure that your products always stay in stock and your customers have an uninterrupted shopping experience.
  • Order management. Answering customer questions is a breeze when all the information is collated in one place through the ShipBob dashboard. Updated in real-time, it’s easy to track orders as they are packed and shipped.
  • Distributed inventory. With ShipBob, you can distribute your inventory across multiple warehouses that are strategically located throughout the country to reduce shipping costs and improve shipping times. If your inventory runs low in one warehouse, other warehouses can share inventory or even fulfill orders as necessary to keep customer satisfaction high.
  • Your brand, front and center. With ShipBob, you don’t have to sacrifice your packaging. We’ll package your inventory with your boxes, or even our free plain brown boxes. Either way, everything that’s shipped out is about you, and not ShipBob.
  • World-class support. Don’t go it alone. ShipBob is here for its customers around the clock.

ShipBob will streamline inventory management, inventory storage, and order fulfillment. While most companies don’t go into business to pack boxes, a fulfillment house does. This translates to less work for you, in addition to reduced rates of mis-ships and mis-picks. Keeping quality standards high will keep your customers coming back again and again.

Outsourcing order fulfillment to ShipBob can save time and money for any business. Very few companies across the country can rival the resources of ShipBob, allowing your business to grow seamlessly.

When merchants self-fulfil orders, space and time can both become problematic. As orders and inventory increase, space can become limited. Additionally, employees are using company resources to pack and ship orders, instead of focusing on product development or customer service.

A fulfillment company can be a great choice for the following businesses:

  • Online merchants without a warehouse
  • Businesses with sales volumes that fluctuate seasonally
  • Businesses looking to reduce shipping costs or delivery times
  • Brick and mortar establishments or online merchants that are interested in expanding into new markets
  • Businesses interested in reducing time and money put toward the order fulfillment process
  • Businesses that don’t have time to pack and ship orders

Ultimately, a fulfillment company can be a powerful ally for e-commerce companies of any size that want to decrease their shipping prices and delivery times. From distributed inventory to reduced shipping times and costs, fulfillment companies offer a wide range of advantages that e-commerce businesses might not be able to achieve themselves.

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