Why Creepy Co. Selected ShipBob to Handle Ecommerce Order Fulfillment

When artist-driven collectibles and apparel brand, Creepy Co., started their e-commerce business, they were handling order fulfillment in-house. Susanne Goethals, Co-Founder & CEO, and her team quickly realized their time could be better spent on tasks other than creating shipping labels, packing boxes and envelopes, and going to the post office.

They looked to other options to grow their business and found ShipBob.

Because Creepy Co. uses Shopify for their e-commerce platform, they experience a very seamless connection between the two systems. Even though their fulfillment is no longer in-house, they don’t feel like it’s out there happening without knowing what’s going on.

With access to ShipBob’s dashboard, staff can easily provide information for any customer support issues that arise and work with the ShipBob team to resolve it.

“The benefits are tremendous. We could not be growing our business in the way that we are right now without ShipBob.”

Susanne Goethals, Co-Founder & CEO, Creepy Co.

ShipBob has ultimately allowed Creepy Co. to focus more on creative marketing and other aspects of their business while maintaining control of the customer experience and make it as strong as possible. Hear more from Goethals in the video below.

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