ShipBob and, Together At Last

As the ecommerce landscape continues to evolve, long-established brands are joining the ranks of Shopify and Magento to capture a more robust and unique shopping experience. Our incredible team of developers (really, they’re amazing) works tirelessly to ensure ShipBob is where you need us to be so your product gets in front of your buyers.

Well, now we’re pleased to announce that we can add to our ever-growing list of partners.

Meet the new Walmart

Walmart has gone on quite the shopping spree, purchasing top brands to create a more robust online offering. In addition to ecommerce powerhouses like, and MooseJaw, Walmart has announced plans to acquire top menswear site Bonobos. And this has all happened in less than two years!

This is a market ShipBob needs to be in, for us and for our partners. Through the integration, our retailers will be able to fetch orders and sync ecommerce inventory with their Walmart store. That means customers across 10 countries will be exposed to innovative and beautiful products, and small businesses have the opportunity to expand exponentially.

Maintain your brand identity

Walmart is a well-established, household name with its own values and mission…but that’s Walmart’s brand, not yours. So when it comes to selling your unique products on, you want to find a way to utilize this amazing platform while still maintaining your own style and experience.

Enter ShipBob

Your store will still connect with our 3PL warehouse, guaranteeing each and every product arrives to the end-user with your unique packaging. All backend systems will integrate seamlessly (inventory management, ecommerce fulfillment, etc.) so you won’t have to juggle multiple ordering systems and your workflow remains as simple as ever.

Get started

It’s easy to add to your ‘store integration’ list. New to ShipBob? Take a look around by creating a free account and learn how ShipBob can help with your Walmart shipping and fulfillment.

If you want pricing and to speak with a fulfillment expert, request a quote from the button below.