Reach Your Crowdfunding Goal: Nurturing Your Email List

Welcome back! Now that you’ve built out your audiences and created your ads and landing page, it’s time to nurture the email list you’ve collected through your marketing efforts so far.

Just like bread, your email list will get stale over time. Unlike bread, you can keep it fresh by keeping in contact.

You’ll want to send relevant email messages that create a connection between your leads and your brand and gets them excited about your product launch.

Two main points that you’ll want to make abundantly clear are the following:

  1. They are part of a small community of VIPs that are first to hear about the launch.
  2. They will get the chance to take advantage of a very limited supply of valuable early bird discounts.

Below, I’ll outline each email that we use in our pre-campaign.

Emails 1 and 2 :  Welcome them to the community

Once a user subscribes on your optimized landing page, you will want to immediately send them a welcome email. You will have to be using an email service provider that has email automation built in. Most modern providers have the feature (we prefer Mailchimp).

The goal of the welcome email is to:

  • Introduce them to you and your brand
  • Clearly describe the problem
  • Introduce your product as the solution
  • Elaborate on the main benefits of your product
  • Remind them that they will be the first to know about the launch
  • Invite them to ask questions by responding directly to the email

The style of the email is also very important.

In the screenshot below, you will see what our email automation looks like.

But it’s so… plain.

Exactly. It’s plain, but it also looks like an email you’d get from a friend in your inbox. Remember, one of the main goals of this email is to form a connection between the subscriber and you. We want this email to appear as if you personally sent it.

Another reason why we love emails with no images is that they get a much higher open rate. A big reason for this is that these emails typically don’t get sorted into the “Promotions” tab in Gmail. Instead, they appear in the “Updates” tab which tends to get higher open rates.

Email 3 : Announce the launch

7 days before the launch of your campaign, it’s time to announce it to your community.

The goal of the announcement email is to:

  • Announce the exact date & time of your launch
  • Let them know the benefits of being on this list (they will be the first to know when you launch and will receive the biggest discount)
  • Remind them about the main benefits of the product
  • Invite them to share your launch with their friends

Now that you know best practices for keeping your email list engaged, you’re almost ready to launch! The next part of the series will discuss how reward structures and email strategy will drive campaign success in the launch phase.

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