Case Study: BAKblade Sees High Customer Satisfaction With ShipBob

Customer Profile

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Learn about BAKblade®’s experience as a growing ecommerce business in search of a fulfillment partner with straightforward pricing and excellent customer service.


When Matt Dryfhout launched BAKblade®, he handled packaging for every shipment on his own. With only a few orders a day to start, he would simply bring the packages to the post office at night. As orders started increasing, he realized he wasn’t prepared to manage the volume and complexities of shipping.

Upon recognizing this problem, he opted to utilize the services of fulfillment companies.

Around the same time, while selling on, Dryfhout realized he wanted more control over his business and brand and began looking into other options.

Decision-Making Process

Dryfhout heard about ShipBob through LaunchBoom, a site that had referred a handful of other clients to the third-party logistics company. Because Dryfhout wanted straightforward pricing with a partner that wasn’t going to nickel and dime him, ShipBob became even more appealing and ultimately his 3PL of choice.

“I really like that the pricing structure was simple and there were not any additional add-on charges. I didn’t really have any alternatives I was considering, because ShipBob was the easy choice.”

Matt Dryfhout, President & Founder, BAKblade®


ShipBob is alleviating several logistical headaches for Dryfhout, allowing him to do what he does best: sell great products and move his business forward – not backward.

Since moving over to ShipBob, BAKblade® has had zero customer complaints and can always get products to customers’ doorstep’s quickly. There is a cost-benefit to having several fulfillment center locations across the country, as orders can be shipped out from warehouses that are closer to customers. Additionally, BAKblade® didn’t need to hire people to manage shipments in-house or lease and manage their own warehouse.

Dryfhout also appreciates being able to check what has shipped for the week, staying up-to-date with physical inventory levels across warehouses. Aside from the real-time analytics available in ShipBob’s fully integrated software, Dryfhout finds it extremely helpful to analyze reports at the end of the year with all the information he needs to understand his company’s performance.

Overall, ShipBob has been a strong partner for BAKblade®. When asked if he would recommend ShipBob to others, Dryfhout said, “Yes, absolutely – I already have.”

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