Should you consider outsourcing fulfillment for your online store? If you find yourself spending too much time, money, and energy on packing and shipping orders, the answer might be yes. If you choose to outsource fulfillment, you need to find the best fulfillment services for your e-commerce store. When choosing, there are a variety of factors to consider, including features, pricing, and technology. And with so many options out there, it can seem overwhelming.

By finding the best fulfillment services for your business, you will gain transparency into inventory and order management, save your company time and money when it comes to shipping orders, and create a better customer experience.

Consider ShipBob’s fulfillment services. ShipBob can help you take the hassle out of packing and shipping orders, efficiently manage your inventory, grow your business, streamline your returns process, and provide a better customer experience. ShipBob owns and operates several fulfillment centers in major US cities across the country, with more fulfillment center locations launching soon.

ShipBob’s fulfillment services include the following benefits:

Quick, affordable shipping

First and foremost, ShipBob’s combination of proprietary technology and fulfillment center network allows your e-commerce business to offer customers fast, affordable shipping through our fulfillment services. ShipBob’s fulfillment services store products close enough to your customers that you don’t have to choose between fast shipping and affordable shipping, creating the best customer experience possible. This leverages distributed inventory:  Distributed spreads inventory across our network of fulfillment centers in major US cities, putting your inventory closer to your shipping destination and decreasing the cost and time of shipping. ShipBob also price shops among the biggest carriers to ensure that you receive the best rate possible.

Easy integration

The best fulfillment services have incorporated technology into logistics to keep up with customers’ expectations. This takes the form of fulfillment software that powers the 3PL’s network of warehouses and sends critical information back to the merchant. ShipBob’s technology integrates with top e-commerce platforms and marketplaces with just a couple of clicks to bring orders, shipments, inventory levels, fulfillment centers, sales channels, and customers together in one place. This helps automate the order fulfillment process for your business and creates a better experience for your customers.

Inventory management

Manage your inventory with the click of a button through ShipBob’s dashboard, including a variety of reporting information, such as viewing inventory levels across fulfillment centers and analyzing which products are the most popular with customers. You can also leverage automatic reorder notifications: Set an inventory point at which you’d like to be notified of low inventory levels, and receive an automatic notification to ship more inventory to our fulfillment center.

Order management

Access complete order info in the dashboard and pass that level of transparency on to your customers. Customers want to know what’s happening with their orders in real-time. Giving customers full insight into their orders can lead to higher customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. ShipBob gives you full transparency into the status of your orders and order metrics. Follow the picking, packing, and shipping of any customer order through ShipBob’s dashboard. You can also automatically push order updates through your e-commerce platform integration to your customers.

The best fulfillment services for your business will help you save time and money, ultimately helping your business grow and thrive. If you’re ready to get started with efficient, affordable, and easy-to-use e-commerce fulfillment services, contact us today.



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