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Few ecommerce companies can afford to leave business on the table, but that’s exactly what you are doing if you’re an Australian-based company who doesn’t ship to the US market. 

Many businesses hesitate to ship internationally because the potential added cost and difficulty outweighs the benefit. This is where a 3PL can be a game-changer. 

Your average 3PL has the knowledge and infrastructure to navigate international fulfillment, but ShipBob is much more than your average 3PL. Our technology searches the top international mail carriers and automatically finds the cheapest, fastest routes for your packages. 

Rather than using a single order fulfillment center, we operate a network of fulfillment centers across the US, Canada, and Europe to speed up delivery times and reduce costs for both domestic and international deliveries. 

Sync your store with our technology and you get a host of powerful ecommerce tools, from inventory and order management, to data and distribution metrics

Hear from Australia brands that choose ShipBob for fulfillment

ShipBob helps many Australian brands break into the US and scale as they grow. 

One company, Baja Bae, ships orders from ShipBob’s Chicago fulfillment center to customers all over the world. While their business is based in Australia, they have found a truly global solution in ShipBob. 

After synching their Shopify store with ShipBob’s dashboard, they were able to track the entire ecommerce fulfillment process through the ShipBob dashboard, simplifying inventory management and creating a seamless customer experience from start to finish.

“ShipBob offered us the best solution and was tailored toward our needs as an early startup business on its way to growing.”

Tamarin Oblowitz, Co-founder of Baja Bae

Why your Australian-based ecommerce company should start shipping to the US

Shipping to the US (and elsewhere around the globe) gives you a number of advantages over domestic-only businesses. Customers have few reservations about ordering across borders, so retail fulfillment to the US opens up a pool of potential new customers. 

Broaden your customer base

Ecommerce customers have no qualms with ordering products from another country. One study found that 70% of ecommerce customers purchase internationally. So, opening up your business to other countries like the US is a simple way to access new potential customers. 

Improve AOV

Shipping internationally not only provides you with new customers, but data shows international customers tend to have a higher average order value. One study found that international customers purchase 17% more on each order compared to domestic customers. 

Grow faster

Ecommerce businesses that fulfill orders internationally grow 60% faster, on average, than businesses who don’t. Looking for a low-effort lever of growth? Opening up your business to American customers may be the solution. 

ShipBob’s fulfillment services in the US

International shipping means more red tape, but ShipBob has the experts to wade through it and ship your products internationally. Here’s how we can help you start shipping to international customers. 

Automatically calculate shipping rates and distances

It’s crucial that you don’t overcharge or undercharge your customers for international shipping, but calculating international shipping rates and distances is much more complex versus domestic. 

Partner with ShipBob and none of this is a concern. All your packages ship from our fulfillment centers (in the USA, Canada, or EU), and our technology automatically finds the optimal shipping route for each package. 

Navigating regulations

Each country has its own set of import duties, tariffs, taxes, and rules for international shipping. You may need to include a certificate of origin along with a commercial invoice and the proper postage. 

ShipBob’s experts know all the ins and outs of international shipping and can streamline this process to keep fulfillment running smoothly. 

Cheaper international shipping

Partner with ShipBob and you get access to our bulk shipping discounts for both international and domestic orders. We can help you reduce shipping costs and speed up delivery times compared to in-house fulfillment through the rates we negotiate as well as by utilizing our global footprint. 

How fulfillment with ShipBob works

We make shipping to the US simple. Once you sync your online store with our technology, you can ship your products to a ShipBob fulfillment center in the US.

Once we receive your inventory, our fulfillment experts will begin picking and packing your orders. 

Picking lists are auto-generated at our fulfillment center with tracking info forwarded to the customer. 

But fulfillment with ShipBob doesn’t stop there. We’re a technology-enabled 3PL, which means you get a ton of useful tools and features when you partner with us. 

Inventory management

Inventory management can be a huge hassle when fulfilling in-house, but with ShipBob it’s easy. From your ShipBob dashboard you can view inventory counts at each fulfillment center and set reorder points so you never run out of product and have the right reorder quantity

Order management

For full visibility into the order management process, all the information you need is found on your ShipBob dashboard:

  • Search for specific orders
  • Get real-time status updates 
  • Track packages
  • And more

Integrations and partners

To keep your entire fulfillment process streamlined, ShipBob partners with top ecommerce platforms. Our partner network covers:

Are you ready to work with a fulfillment company?

If you have been experiencing growth very quickly with your ecommerce business, it may be time to work with a fulfillment company. Here are some of the common pain points customers experience before switching to a third-party fulfillment provider:

  • Costly ecommerce warehousing and storage fees 
  • Complicated inventory management systems 
  • Inability to compete with two-day shipping competitors 
  • Inability to track accurate inventory levels in real time 
  • High shipping rates that bring the bottom line farther away from profit

If you have experienced the above fulfillment needs when shipping your ecommerce orders, it may be time to partner with a third-party logistics company like ShipBob. ShipBob helps many online businesses that are in need of order fulfillment services, from picking and packing to lowering fulfillment costs.

When is the right time to outsource US fulfillment?

If you’re fulfilling orders in-house, then the added hassle and complexity of fulfillment to the US may not be worthwhile. But with help from an international 3PL, outsourcing fulfillment to the US is effortless. 

You simply ship your products to a US fulfillment center, and your products are distributed from there with no need to ship each individual package halfway around the world.  

So, rather than asking yourself whether shipping to the US is worth the hassle, the question is: How much business are you missing out on by not shipping to the US? 

You can figure out the perfect time to hire a 3PL for US fulfillment by looking at the traffic your website gets from US sources vs. your conversion rate. Once it reaches a point where the revenue generated from shipping to the US would exceed the cost of outsourcing to a 3PL, it’s time to get started.

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