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Choosing the right 3PL partner is a big decision. That’s why thousands of ShipBob merchants in a wide range of industries have openly shared their experience online.

Hear what thousands of satisfied ShipBob customers have to say about our growing ecommerce fulfilment network, international capabilities, advanced and user-friendly technology, and our best-in-class customer support.

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Michael Peters VP of E-Commerce Operations at TB12,

5/5 on Trustpilot

ShipBob’s ability to scale with countercyclical peak times for our business has been impressive. Extremely price competitive with excellent customer experience, which saves us time and money on our operations side.

Average rating of 4.5 / 5

ShipBob has an average of 4.5 across reviews sites related to ecommerce solutions, 3PLs, and fulfilment centre reviews.

Review SiteAverage Rating
Trustpilot4.3 / 5
Shopify App Store4.8 / 5
Wix App Store4.5 / 5
Ecommerce-platforms.com4.5 / 5

Thousands of satisfied customers

ShipBob is an award-winning 3PL that has become one of the fastest-growing tech companies in America. Since its founding in 2014, ShipBob’s mission has remained the same: to help ecommerce businesses be more successful online. Today, ShipBob partners with over 5,200 direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands in a wide range of industries — from health, beauty and wellness; to food and beverage.

Featured ShipBob testimonials

Here is an overview of what ShipBob customers have to say about our international fulfilment network, best-in-class technology, and customer support:

On operations:

“When I switched to ShipBob, it was game over! I could finally start growing my business. They made the move from my prior 3PL fast and easy, and I saw the benefits of working with them right away.”

Courtney Lee, founder of Prymal

“Logistics is something you never think about until it stops working, and we’ve never come to that point with ShipBob. The services are excellent. Everything just works. We are super happy with ShipBob and very impressed by how well they’ve pumped out our large volume of orders.”

Sergio Tache, CEO of Dossier

Touchland has been working with ShipBob since 2018 and there are several reasons why ShipBob has been the perfect partner.

First of all, their speed to scale and fast pick, pack, and ship process has been seamless, as our business grew 1,200% in a couple of weeks.

Second of all, their locations across the US — Touchland sells flammable goods that need to be shipped via ground, so ShipBob has been a great ally as they have fulfilment centres all over the US, facilitating a 2-3 day delivery time for any customer in the US.

Andrea Lisbona, Founder & CEO of Touchland

“I always wanted a truly global fulfilment partner — I had been trying to find this solution for years. ShipBob has multiple fulfilment centres in the US, one in Canada, one in the EU, and one in the UK, and all locations filter back into one centralised warehouse management system.”

Wes Brown, Head of Operations at Black Claw LLC

“We’ve been very impressed by ShipBob’s high accuracy as well as their ability to meet their SLAs. Before we migrated to ShipBob, this was a challenge due to limited resources and time, and we used to frequently make shipping mistakes ourselves.”

Waveform Lighting Team

ShipBob has done a great job of giving each store owner a feeling of complete control over everything. You can outsource your fulfilment while still maintaining full control.

Gerard Ecker, Founder & CEO of Ocean & Co.

As we’ve grown internationally and in our general order volume, we’ve seen satisfaction go up. ShipBob was a key player and significant partner in helping manage what became unmanageable when we were shipping orders out ourselves.

Matt Dryfhout, Founder & CEO of BAKblade

On technology:

“Beyond taking care of all of our European orders, we quickly became very impressed by ShipBob’s transparency, simplicity, and intuitive dashboard.”

Harley Abrams, Operations Manager of SuperSpeed Golf, LLC

ShipBob’s API lets us build custom logic since we ship personalised products with lots of variations in the kits we send. We can write a few lines of code instead of creating a manual kit for each possible order combination as we’d have to do in a tool like Shopify.”

Oded Harth, CEO & Co-Founder of MDacne

On business growth

“We need to deliver quickly and inexpensively. Since switching to ShipBob from our previous 3PL, our fulfilment cost on comparable orders went down by 25%.”

Michael Peters, VP of E-Commerce Operations at TB12

“When I was shipping orders myself, what I paid per order is the same price now to pick, pack, and ship orders through ShipBob. It’s even much cheaper to ship to certain countries, which used to take ages and often got lost with localised post here. Now, I have very transparent pricing, and I can easily run and plan my business.”

Leonie Lynch, Founder & CEO of Juspy

“There were definitely cost savings in moving to ShipBob as the old 3PL charged us for every pick fee, which added up. ShipBob has a simpler approach to pricing with several picks included instead of charging every little fee, which helped us consolidate our logistics costs considerably.”

Torii Rowe, COO & Co-Founder of MANSSION

“It’s a pain to pick, pack, and print the labels, and manage the storage. It would be a huge stress for us to do it ourselves, but the fact that ShipBob takes care of it all, both the savings in costs and time, is invaluable to our business.” 

Nikolai Paloni, Co-Founder of Ombraz Sunglasses

“To say that switching to ShipBob has been life-changing is an understatement. Thinking big picture, it was an incremental cost for me to ultimately sell a lot more. My business has tripled and I got my life back.”

Anastasia Allison, founder of Kula Cloth

We looked at several fulfilment companies, and ShipBob hands down had the best customer service. They answered all of my questions quickly, walked me through the solution to get started and how the partnership could evolve in the future, and proactively proposed more considerations for us to think through that related to our business and plans.

Tim Fink, Co-Founder of EnduroSport

On customer support

“ShipBob’s customer service continues to improve with direct contacts that know our account, real-time follow through, and a better customer delivery experience. They are a fulfilment partner that is truly an extension of our brand.”

Manuel de la Cruz, CEO at Boie

“I can’t express enough how happy I have been to work with ShipBob. They have been instrumental to both the start-up stage and growth of our company. We have had a great experience over the past 12 months and look forward to the longer relationship.”

Steve Staffan, founder and CEO of Brummell

“Some of the reports that ShipBob provides show their dedication to transparency — things like actual transit times and whether they’re hitting their service-level agreements. They are really committed to their customers and keeping themselves accountable.”

Pablo Gabatto, Business Operations Manager at Ample Foods

“I found ShipBob’s self-onboarding Growth Plan program to be straightforward and the user interface is really easy. The instructions on how to get started with ShipBob are step-by-step. Whenever I got stuck, I just emailed ShipBob’s support team, and they came back with screenshots or fixed the issue for me.”

Lee Nania, Founder of SubSubmarine

ShipBob takes reviews seriously

At ShipBob, we take all customer reviews seriously as we thrive to make continuous improvement that requires a high volume of customer feedback. ShipBob thrives to build a truly scalable fulfilment solution for businesses of all sizes and have hundreds of customers join every month, many of whom are still with us after 5 or 6 years of being in business.

Our team is always listening closely to our customers, so we can implement new processes and expand our capabilities based on the feedback we hear. That way, our fulfilment solution gets better as your brand grows. 

Top 3PL reviews for ShipBob

ShipBob Reviews on Trustpilot (4.2 out of 5 stars)

“I love ShipBob. They are an amazing Shipping and Business partner. Their service is easy to use, reliable, and their customer success people are top notch. They are also expanding quite rapidly (going international, adding more warehouses), which allows our business to expand rapidly too. Really recommend them.”— Juan Martitegui

“The ShipBob team, right from the start, gave me very personal attention. They took the time to learn about my business and also to find solutions to solve complicated logistics issues having to do with my brands custom packing requirements. I can’t image another company approaching this type of service with so much personal care, transparency, enthusiasm and creativity. I was impressed with how easy their website was to navigate too. They scheduled multiple screen-share sessions with me over Zoom (always with the same helpful person assigned to my account) to make sure I was an expert at the process by the time our partnership went online. Thanks Melissa, Emma and the ShipBob team.”— Ben Ritter

“ShipBob has played an integral role in our companies success. After our e-commerce sales went from 0 to 12,000 units in under a month, we desperately needed help with fulfilment. They jumped into our chaotic situation with both feet, without hesitation. Their flexibility, customer service and attention to detail have been outstanding. I don’t know what mockr would have done without them!”—  Jake

“The ShipBob implementation team made it beyond easy to get started and their support team is always available to answer any questions. We are very happy with their competitive shipping prices and speed in which they process orders. We wish we had partnered with ShipBob earlier.”— Christy Kaskey

ShipBob Reviews on Shopify (4.8 out of 5 stars)

“I used this app to integrate our Shopify store with our ShipBob account to automate order fulfilment. It works perfect!” — Villa Cotton

“Very easy to install and integrate my inventory. Orders are fulfiled very quickly and my clients get their tracking number once the order is processed.”— Jevenia Dogs USA

“Integration with Shopify is perfect. We’ve tried other companies and they are not even close of having such an easy and complete platform like ShipBob. It’s been a little over one year that we’ve been working together and they definitely improved a lot their services. Plus their customer service is impeccable, which makes a huge difference. Thanks!”— Lumma Cups Europe

“ShipBob has been our fulfilment partner for over a year, and has been seamless to work with!! We love them!”— L’AMARUE

ShipBob Reviews on (4.5 out of 5 stars)

“ShipBob ticks all the boxes of the features you should look for in a fulfilment solution such as owning the entire stack (their inventory management solution, their warehouse management solution, and the fulfilment centres), being cloud-based, easy to use, provide inventory alerts, returns processing and providing reports and analytics.”

“ShipBob’s inventory management feature lets you set reorder notifications for stock levels that you want to be automatically reminded to restock such as your bestsellers. This helps you link manufacturing activities to supply the demand for your products and ultimately make sales.”

“Whether you are shipping 500 products per month or 50,000 products per month, ShipBob is your partner to scale your business across evolving customer and market demands. Turn your shipping and fulfilment from a cost centre to a revenue driver!“

ShipBob Reviews on Wix (4.5 out of 5 stars)

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Spend less time, money, and headaches on logistics. Grow your brand by outsourcing fulfilment to ShipBob, a tech-enabled 3PL with a growing international fulfilment network, premium technology, and best-in-class customer support.