The best alternative to Amazon FBA will depend on the needs of the merchant. The FBA alternative should offer stellar service at a lower price, as well as more control over branding. Online stores and brick-and-mortar establishments can use third-party logistics providers to outsource the order fulfillment process. Many merchants choose to go with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) because of the name recognition, however, there are many qualified, professional fulfillment companies across the country that offer equal or better fulfillment services at lower prices.

Picking an FBA alternative

FBA offers many perks for its clients, including listings on a high traffic volume marketplace, access to its vast network of warehouses, free shipping for FBA items, and returns management. While FBA has low shipping costs, the cost of storage is very high. Items that sit in a warehouse will quickly rack up costs.

Control branding.

Other fulfillment centers, like ShipBob, offer greater control over branding, a more personal or customized touch, free fulfillment software that integrates with all sales channels, and much more.

Distributed inventory.

ShipBob has a network of warehouses across the country in major metro areas and regions, covering hundreds of thousands of square feet in warehouse space. By strategically distributing your inventory across the country, you’re able to maximize fulfillment efficiency.

Better pricing.

ShipBob is particularly helpful for small to mid-sized businesses, because they never charge any onboarding or per-unit fees. In fact, they make their pricing as transparent as possible by only charging for three fees: when products arrive at a warehouse, the length of time it’s stored, and when it’s shipped out. Every other product and service, including packing materials and returns management, are offered to customers as complimentary perks.

What can ShipBob do for you?

ShipBob’s fulfillment services allow small to mid-size ecommerce sites to compete with FBA. Other fulfillment companies offer some, but not all of the services that your customers expect.

Some of ShipBob’s fulfillment services include:

  • Two-day shipping. Just like Prime, they offer two-day shipping within the continental United States.
  • Same-day turnaround. If an order comes in before 2:00PM, they’ll have it out the door the same day so your customers aren’t left waiting.
  • Full integration. Their cloud-based software fully integrates with all the major e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, eBay, BigCommerce, and even Amazon.
  • Onboarding in 15 minutes or less. It’s fast and easy to get started.
  • Shipping discounts. Whether you’re small or large, you can take advantage of bulk shipping discounts that they’ve negotiated with the four major U.S. carriers.
  • White label service. FBA ships their packages in their own distinctive Amazon boxes – not your brand’s packaging. If you choose ShipBob, they’ll pack your orders in your own branded boxes.
  • Free packing supplies. You can also take advantage of free plain packages and packing supplies. From boxes to packing materials to tape, they’ve got you covered.
  • Inventory management. Know what’s going on with your products at all times. You can get overviews of your inventory in each of warehouse and run advanced reports to see how specific SKUs are performing across sales channels. Plus, you’ll receive notifications when inventory gets low, so you’ll never sell out again.
  • Order management. All of the information in ShipBob’s software is updated in near real-time, which means that you know what happens as it happens. If your customer has a question, you can answer it immediately and confidently because the information is at your fingertips.
  • World-class support. ShipBob is your dedicated fulfillment partner. When you need help, they are here for you.

A fulfillment center automates a large portion of your distribution. Choosing an alternative to Amazon FBA can be daunting, but once you get into the details of services, you will likely find a different fulfillment center to better meet your needs.

ShipBob is built to handle high volumes of shipments. They can help you compete on a national level with Amazon without using Amazon’s FBA service.

If you’re interested in an alternative to Amazon FBA, try ShipBob.
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