What is ShipBob?

ShipBob is a global omnifulfillment solution trusted by 7,000+ brands to ship orders from everywhere their customers shop.

We primarily serve SMB (USD $0-5M) and mid-market (USD $5M-$300M GMV) ecommerce sellers with our two primary solutions

  1. 3PL (Third Party Logistics)/Outsourced Fulfillment (globally): We store the merchant’s items in our warehouses, then pick, pack, and ship the orders as they come in. We have 40+ warehouses across 6 countries (US, CA, UK, EU-Ireland, EU-Poland, and AU).
  2. Merchant Plus or WMS/Warehouse Management Software (US only): We provide software, hardware, and implementation to merchants who own their own warehouse space in the US. They run the same world-class software and processes that power our 40+ warehouses

Merchants can use both ShipBob’s 3PL and Merchant Plus/WMS solutions together! An example of this hybrid solution would be if they have their own warehouse in Texas, but want to use our 3PL services in the UK.

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Use Cases

  • Need to go global
  • Want to scale faster
  • Current 3PL’s not cutting it
  • Limited to only 1 fulfillment location (slow transit times and expensive shipping costs)
  • Need to speed up and improve in-house fulfillment

ShipBob can serve most product categories. Here are the top categories our customers sell in, ranked by volume:

  • Beauty
  • Supplements
  • Specialty foods
  • Home goods
  • Electronics
  • CBD
  • Books/publications
  • Sports, games, and toys
  • Apparel 
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Features Our Customers Love

  1. Plug-and-play integrations with major ecommerce platforms
  2. Ability to build custom integrations with our Flexible API
  3. Customization Suite for unforgettable unboxing experiences
  4. 2-day shipping within the continental US
  5. Multi-channel fulfillment (or omnifulfillment)
  6. Managed freight program (China to the US)
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Does ShipBob offer a startup plan?

ShipBob offers a self-service plan for startups shipping under 400 shipments/month, which is known as our Growth Plan. It has all the benefits of our fully outsourced solution, with the exception of implementation (though you can opt for a paid Premium Onboarding experience).

How much does ShipBob cost?

Detailed ShipBob pricing information can be found here orhere. This article includes an overview of the billable weight estimator.

How much do packaging materials cost?

There is no cost for standard packaging. Merchants can also use branded packaging, and it must be sent to ShipBob and stored as its ownSKU.

What carriers does ShipBob work with?

Here’s a list of carriers. We negotiate discounted rates with these partners. These rates vary as they depend on shipping zones, origin of shipment, weight/dimensions, pricing plan, shipping volume, etc.

Does ShipBob offer climate control/refrigeration?

No, ShipBob does not offer climate control or refrigeration at this time.