About ShipBob
What is ShipBob?

ShipBob is the easiest way to ship and automate fulfillment. Simply enter a shipping order and a ShipBob agent (Ship Captain) will pick it up from the desired location. We will package the item for you, and mail it via the most reliable carrier at the cheapest cost. No more waiting in lines or filling out complicated shipping labels and forms. ShipBob removes all the manual work from shipping, so you can focus on what you do best.

How can I use ShipBob?

Create an account on our web based Dashboard, and start creating shipping orders.
Don’t have 15 seconds to set up a profile? No worries. Visit http://www.shipbob.com/Home/Try to schedule a pick up online.

How much does it cost?

We will charge you the cheapest price for the shipping option selected by you. Please refer to our pricing page to learn more.

Does ShipBob have a monthly subscription?

No. ShipBob is on demand and there are no subscription fees or long term contracts. Simply create orders and ship whenever you wish to.

Which areas does ShipBob serve?

We are currently serving certain areas in Chicago, Brooklyn & New York City.

How can I schedule a pick up?

You can schedule a pick up by creating an order in our web dashboard or using our web form: http://www.shipbob.com/Home/Try

What are ShipBob’s hours of operations?

You can schedule pick-ups using our app or the web form from Monday- Saturday, 8am to 8pm.

How does payment work?

At this time, we only accept credit card payment. A credit card is required to complete your profile and to dispatch a captain. Payment is billed after the items have shipped and tracking has been provided. Depending on your shipment volume you, will be able to choose between daily, weekly, and monthly billing options.

Can I choose a specific shipping carrier?

Certainly. Simply specify your preferred carrier in the extra information field when completing your orders. If you wish to permanently use only one carrier, please contact us at support@shipbob.com and we can make that happen.

ShipBob Captains
Who are Ship Captains?

Ship Captains are our certified agents who will pick up items from your location. All our Ship Captains are background verified, interviewed and trained to ensure safety, security, and quality item handling.

What’s the average wait time for a Ship Captain to arrive after I place my order?

We try to assign orders to Ship Captains as soon as possible. We offer a complimentary pickup with 24 hour notice, and an on-demand (within an hour) pickup for a convenience fee of $5.

Can I be a Ship Captain?

Aye aye Captain! Please visit (LINK) to apply to be a Ship Captain. All our Ship Captains go through a background check and a personal interview.

Should I tip the Ship Captain?

Our Ship Captains do not accept tips. If you like the service, please give them a shoutout on Facebook, Twitter: @loveshipbob, or on Yelp.

How can I change or cancel my order?

In the Dashboard, click on the order Id in question. On the order details page, you will have both options to edit or cancel it.

Does ShipBob handle packages for international destinations?

Yes, we absolutely handle packages for international destinations, wherever traditional carriers operate. We will fill out the customs form for you so that you can relax and spend time on the things you like!

Do I need to provide packaging material and boxes?

No. Our goal is to make shipping easier for you, so we will procure the packaging material and package the item for you.

How and where are my items packaged?

Your items are packaged in our secure packaging facility by our trained staff. We use heavy-duty corrugated boxes with anti-static wrapping material to ensure safety of your item.

How can I track my shipment?

You will receive your tracking number once you’re order is shipped. Using that tracking number, you can track your shipment.

What can I ship?

At this time, we can pick up items that weigh less than 55 lbs and are no larger than 30” x 30” x 30”. Basically, we will ship anything as long as it can fit in the backseat or a trunk of a standard car!

What is the cut-off time for next day delivery?

The cut-off time for next day delivery is 2 pm on weekdays. For Monday morning delivery, the pickup deadline is 2pm on Friday.